Monday, April 22, 2013

Eye Check Up

Most "human" now either boys or girls used contact lenses, I believe.  Well, last week I go for eye check up as I feel very uncomfortable in my eyes.  It was like a crack in it.  Scary right? Well, ya... scary!

I waited at the hospital for almost 2 1/2hrs for my turn!  Lucky that my dad take half day leave to accompany me there.  Doctor say my eyes get irritated by virus.  So I have to stop using lens until my eyes recover 100%!  

Anyone wandering how I look like in spec? a "noob-ie"... I prefer not to wear lens and not even spec when it was not necessary! haha

Well, when we get in the car?  The parking coupon expired! And my dad get 4 saman!  I was speechless!  Thanks dad!

This is me in my "noobie" spec like a book worm!

Advice from Doctor to ALL len's users:
1.  Throw lens casing maximum after 1 month!
2. Wash hand thoroughly before taking or putting lens!
3. Wash lens thoroughly before using!
4. Buy lens from optic shop and AVOID lens from online or other non optic shop!
5. DO NOT use lens over 6hours a day, eyes need oxygen too!
6. Throw lens after 1month even it was 3months due!  Your eyes are more important than anything right? 
7. Take off the lens once feel itchy, red or pain!

Nothing is more important than your eyes!  Think about that guys! :)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

NEW April

So so so sorry for the very late post almost a month because I was very busy to do some work handover job at my ex company last month and I move to a new company which there is a lot of procedure different from my ex company.

Recall the last day of my work at my ex company, some of my customer and colleagues bring me for lunch and even buy cakes for me.  I was so touching.  Thank You guys!

At my last day of work, I barely do any booking.  But only special for my regular customer who is already like friends to me :)  I call every of my customer in 3 of my phone books! And clear and clean my table and drawing and even computer.

Photo speaks better than words.  So..... thats my memory at my ex company.. :)