Friday, December 13, 2013


It had been a very busy day on our Registration Of Marriage day. Yet I get to squeeze out some time to post this out. Hope to share our happiness together. Well, It is a very happy day for both of us which God bring us together and we are now announced as "husband & wife".

Wei, my husband is NOT  a romantic type of guy so most of my friends around are asking how he manage to propose to me or even chasing me. Here how, 


I can feel his heart which wanted to be with me so much and he did put me as his future wife that's why I am attracting to him. And for the proposal part, he did not bought any flowers or rings. He hold my hand and sit in-front of my parents and that's his proposal (that's not romantic at all, I am thinking of a proposal like some-other girls too... envy*)

"Dear, where is the flower and ring? Not romantic de lehhh...." I mumble from my mouth

He than hold my face up and say: "Do you want to be my wife? I had the most important things equipped in my heart than the flowers and ring."

"What's that lehhh?" I smile a little

"LOVE!" while he put my hand on his chest and he kissed me on my lips

And I agree with his non-romantic proposal! OMG!!! I am so "good"! LOL

Here's the photo on our ROM day! Just a little yet meaningful!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

TRAVELLING: 9Days Jiang Nan Tours

Yeah... I am back! I am quite busy on my wedding preparation for this few months and there are still 1 more month to go. The China Tour I lead in October which most of my friends and readers are waiting for so long. The last two days are so hard for us especially me because I had a BIG responsibility for everyone. Its a hard night in the plane and a whole day time at Kota Kinabalu without sleeping and waited till the night to back to Kuching.

Let's get back start from the 1st day at Shanghai! Here some of the photos capture by me of cause! :) Not much cause I am on working mode. At least light up some of the highlighted places. The weather was quite cold when I went there... Around 12°C - 16°C!! Especially during night time!


The 1st day morning all of us them started shopping and I walk and find a place to reload my sim-card to msg my man. :) A big place to shop but I had to wait for them at the meeting point. I am not bored because I had my phone! wahahaha

the shopping mall

1 picca of me with the street

上海滩 by the day

this shopping mall look like am at angmo country

狮子林 (direct translate will be "lion forest")

It is call  狮子林 because there are many huge stone and rocks inside look like a lion. Can you see those lion? Hmmmppp... Its depends on your imagination too...

This is a park near to 鸟巢 (Bird Nest) which you can see a far tall building look like jeans! The jeans we wear often.. Doesn't it???

Day Time

Evening (cheat one) edited actually!

the highway view from high

made by GOLD material

This building is made by GOLD!! Where we need to wear something like a shower cap on our shoes to get in. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L-L!!!

The ceiling care changing color every a few seconds! Everyone stop to shoot but its too dark inside and we are not allow to use flash so I don't want to take any picca of me here... wasting my memory card. :p

a story of Buddha

an empty street

 All the shop closed because we are too late! Its is 6.30pm but the sky is still bright and shine!!

Then, we came to a water village named: 水乡乌镇。You may walk by foot of may pay some "peanuts" to use a boat.


It is a love story of 'Chinese Romeo and Juliet'. A girl name: zhu ying tai wants to go to public school to study, but her father forbid her doing that.(Because girls cannot go to school in he old society in china). However nothing can stop her. She disguised as a man so that everybody include the teachers were cheated. So she begin her study life. ad here she meet a handsome young man named liang shan bo. Unfortunately, the girl 's famliy cannot accept that young man, because he is not from a noble family. At last the man dead ,then the girl felt inconsolable and suicided for love. But they turned into two butterflies and got together forever. So the school that they went is called 方松书院。

At the last day, we are back to shanghai and went to visit 明珠塔 before we went to airport.

glass path??

Imagine you are now standing, walking and shooting on the path made by glass? Creepy! I was shaking!! hahahaha

last pose! :)

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Free Birds Review

My man and I went to GSC to watch movie last night after dinner at home. We decided to watch free birds because it is only 92mins and our 2nd option is Thor but it is around 112mins. He scares me do not have enough sleep to work today. Ok well, glad that he always do think of me about everything. :)

"FREE BIRDS" is not a perfect story but not a bad story line too. It keep all of us all laugh throughout the movie! Indeed a very funny movie! The main character named: Reggie, the smartest turkey on the farm. He realized that the "turkey paradise" that his friends are saying is actually their own vicious slaughter before ending up as the main course in a delicious Thanksgiving meal. Then, Reggie is desperate to show his clan that they'are been fattened up to be eaten. Unfortunately, no one wants to listen and he shouted turkey is stupid.

The President of the United States to choose Reggie to receive the annual pardon. However, Reggie's easy life is disrupted by Jake, a fanatic turkey who drags him along to a secret mission with the insane idea of going back in time to keep turkeys off the menu in the Thanksgiving menu. 

They travel by a time machine named: Steve, back to the 1st Thanksgiving in the year 1621. Reggie and Jake soon find themselves in the middle of a turkey clan's struggle for survival. Lastly, Reggie save all the turkeys by delivering pizza from the future to the past and human eat pizza instead of turkey for Thanksgiving till the future.

Well......... for me, this movie is a total comedy which make me laugh. But be honest, my man was not attracted with the story line, he say the story line is not logic enough and found that this story is half way hanging which the ending is not impressive enough. He declare that this movie should not end with turkey deliver pizza to the human and stop eating turkey for the Thanksgiving but should give corn instead. So the young kids who watch this movie will not be confused with the food chain knowledge.

After the movie we went to the autopay machine to pay for the carpark coupon fee, the machine did not want our RM5 and a young boy behind give us RM1 to pay for us. That's what happens when my man did not want to listen to me about the fact of the machine do not want to accept notes except RM1. A lesson learnt to listen to your wife! :)  hehehe

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wedding Preparation (PART 2)

Today is the day my fiancé came to my house to 送礼 to my parents. I woke up by 6am to be prepare before he came by 7am. My mum cooked breakfast for us too. He had reached my house 7am sharp! But mum is not ready yet and we all waited. He was just to early! He say he cant wait to married me!!! LOL!!!

shyyyy...... :)
Here's the photo about today's 送礼, well sorry for I dont know what it is call in english. Google translate say: Wedding Gift.  weird* My Fiancé called my parents "daddy and mummy" I laugh because he was so shy to call. hahahaha!!!! 

Photo taken by my daddy who like photography so much and edited by me. Start from the nicely deco basket with oranges, angpaos and sweets. :)

(2) me and my Fiancé
(3) with my baby jordon
(4) my mum give some back to the man side
(6) the angpao(s) (not mine)