Tuesday, July 23, 2013

TOP 5 Wrong Customer Thoughts

TOP 5 Wrong Travel Agency's Customer Thoughts

Most customer thought that we are Agung who own the country and own all the airlines. We are only agency who help to connect end user with the supplier (airline). 

For example:
"I need a seat to Mukah this afternoon".
As everyone know it is a maswing flight and the seat is limited there is no more seat left and customer will say:
"Drop the others out I need this seat!"
"Sorry we can't do that."
"I have money I want to buy that seat, you dont want to sell?"
OMG!! Did you just heard that there is all fully booked? Please note that we are travel agency, we are not airlines we are not from the royal family.

Operating a business is to earn profit, but customer thought we get all those tickets or hotel for FREE!

For example:
"Check me the cheapest hotel in Singapore Orchard Road! Below RM200!"
Everyone knows hotel in Singapore Orchard Road is RM500 and above! RM500 you can only get the 1/2 star(s) hotel ONLY!
"Ehh... lier! You are travel agency you can dont want to help?"
Please lah...yes we are travel agent but we are not the hotel! If we have ourown hotel there will give u the price you want lah.... Dont treat us are doing charity ok... we are only "kuli" (work for other people).

"What is the price for ground tour to Vietnam?" 
"Can I have you flight details so I can provide you a guarantee price on a fullboard tour?" 
"No! I just want to ask the price and the itinerary!" 
"We cant give you now we have to get the details for our working agent to provide a guarantee price." 
"I need it now!" 
Please, we are NOT a superwomen or superman! We dint create the price anyhow. We need to check on the hotel rates, the transport rates and the tour rates.

TOP 1: WORK 24/7
Customer often thought we don't have office hour as like we are camping in the office and work 24/7. Customer shows up and call up after office hour.Last don't forget we have holiday too.... Some of the customer call up the next day and start shouting in the day before we dint ans call after office hour. We are like: ...................................... (speechless)

Don't Be Customer like that.. ok?

Thank you!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Office: Daughter Or Not?

In the busy afternoon in the office, we had a customer booking for a tour to Bangkok with us and make us laugh rolling on the ground. They buy issuance and we are asking them whether to put beneficiary name.

Here our conversation:

A - US      B - CUSTOMER

A: Do you need to specify a beneficiary in case of anything happen? 
B: If dint put how to claim? 
A: The insurance company will give to your direct family. 
B: Direct family means relative? I don't want to give to relative oohhh!! 
A: No no, direct family means your parents or your wife/husband or daughter/son. 
B: Ohh ok... I only got a daughter but she is married is she still my daughter?

Few seconds of silent in the office and we laugh!

A: Is she your real daughter? 
B: Of course! 
A: So she is still your daughter lohh.... Why do you think she is not? 
B: Course she is married and daughter is a bucket of water splashed out bahh....

We all laugh AGAIN!! I wander...... where he get this theory? We just cant get it. Seems like he is talking alien's theory, maybe?

So, what do you guys think about his theory?