Sunday, December 30, 2012

Tutorial: Chinese Sushi

Saturday without working is like in heaven!  Today, I wake up early to bring my cousin going for shopping to buy the ingredients for sushi.  Since we are a kid, we had a long long long list of things we want to do it together.  
Shopping - CHECKED! 
Sushi making - IN PROGRESS....

Let me show you how I make my very own Homemade Chinese style sushi.
Shopping time: depends on personal speed
Serving: 12 people 
Prepare time: 1 Hour 
Sushi time: 1 1/2 Hours 
Cleaning time: 1 Hour

1st:  Warming Up
Cook the rice (2 cups)
Cut the hot-dogs, crab-sticks, cucumber and carrots (long and thin)
Breaks and fried the eggs

When the rice is ready, wait it cool and mix with Japanese vinegar and some mayonnaise with your hand.  (Its better to have the oily surface of the mayo on your palm so its easier for the seaweed to stick together.)

2nd: Roll roll roll a boat sushi
Arrange ALL the ingredients and start to roll with hands like this:

Finish all the rolling slowly, avoid tearing the seaweed apart. >.<

3rd: Cutting into shapes

Avoid pressing the sushi when cutting.

All in the right shape (circle)!


But.........when you turn over..........Its like my kitchen just hit an atomic bomb!  Here is the headache part of all.  I dont know where to start cleaning both of my dry and wet kitchen.  

This is only part 1 (wet kitchen)

See how my cousin cleaning up and open the rubbish bin using her leg!

After all of the hard-work  now is the enjoy part: EATING!

Sushi making - CHECKED! 

 We will do some else next time.  Catch me!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hair Tutorial: Be like celebrities

Christmas is coming less then a month now!   I usually do some Google search on hairstyle which is easy.  I will show you some tips (by me) of getting celebrities hairstyle.  

Celebrities Tips:

Wavy Hair

Curl a little with out using mousse before curling.  Comb the curled hair with you hands and spray just a little at the end.

Pony Tail

Drop some front hair and tie the rest up.  Last, curl a little of the front hair.

Side braid

Comb your hair to a side with the comb spray on a little mousse (to prevent on short hair dropping).  Finally, do the braid and tie up.

Chic Bun

Tie all your hair up OR drop some hair like Julia.  Turn the pony tail and pin it to stable it on your head with lots of pins.... 

Poker Straight

This is the most easy ways.  If your hair is wavy hair like mine, use a straightener.

Curly Girl

Divide your hair to 3 layers.  Then, curl your hair with mousse on your hair.  Finally, scratch your hair (dont worry of the curl, a little mess look nicer) and spray a little more if you want the curl to hold longer.

Bonus Ideas from me:

Side Curl

Follow tips of "Curly Girl".  Lastly, bring the curl on a side and pin it with hair accessories.

Princess Curl

Divide your hair to two sides.  Use a hair dryer and a comb and blow the hair all in one direction.


Comb your hair straight.  Use your palm to pitch a lot and spray. :)

I hope my tips helps at least a bit.  Enjoy the coming holiday!  So excited for christmas.... Start practice and get fabulous at the party!

Other Tutorials:

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Oppa Party STyle

Oppsss... Its like 1 month I had not walk in.  I am very busy with my full time work and getting all the package (sickness).  Tired.  Yet this is LIFE.   Hopefully I get more time to do so.

Nothing special as a working adult.  And have no more free time to do my part-time (modeling).  I started to missed the time when I was still studying which my time was free to do what ever I like.  Now, working is part of my life and responsibility.  

However, life was short.  I get the time to play too.  Last saturday, one of our friend had his costume birthday party.  It was the first time of my 21 years to have such party.

Guess this is a boy or a girl beside me?
my besties act as a princess.
What's character is him?
The mammy!!

Opp opp
The birthday boy (king - right)

The party ended happily and most of them are all drunk but I am awake after drinking mix of red wine + beer + vodka.  *proud*   :p

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lost in Office

Remember of the day when I first came in to my office last year, from the door to the counter was a L - O - N - G way to go. 

Floor map of my office

My first impression:
I feel like I am doing catwalk for a fashion show.  Every step I walk I hope that the counter will be nearer to be, but it does not!  Damn!  Its too far!

...... 5 mins later ...... 
...... 10 mins later ......  
...... 15 mins later ......  
Still walking  

...... 30 mins later ......  
Still still walking  

Customer's first impression:

"I need a compass!" 

"Am lost in jungle!" 
"Where is the signboard?" 

"Where can I get a free map?"

Friday, June 29, 2012

Hot Day Beauty Tips

in the office.....

"Why is the water so small?" 
"The water dry up?" 
I was talking with my colleague in the office this morning in the kitchen while filling up our drinking water.  

Its was a hot whether in Kuching these few days!

"Who turn off the switch?" one of my colleague shouted while we are taking lunch, 

...........everyone silent...........

So meaning to say that all this while we are drinking unfiltered water.... Hopefully we are not getting "water poisoning".

Beauty tips on "burning" whether:

1.  Drink a lot water


Its resolves dryness and stickiness. For resilient skin with less visible pores. Full of the moisture and ingredients that skin needs.  Results in smooth skin that glows from within.

3.  Body Lotion

Treat your body to the superb moisturising effects of G&H Lotion.Why Honey?
  • It is a natural humectant.
  • Natural anti-bacterial properties.
  • Contains Vitamin B6, C, Thiamin, Riboflavin and Niacin
  • Contains antioxidants and amino acids.

4.  Light Make up
1. Use moisturiser sparingly under your make-up and avoid applying it altogether to your nose and forehead if you have an oily or combination skin. 
2. It's a myth that heavy powdering absorbs sweaty make-up. The initial benefit of powdering disappears very quickly in hot weather. Stick to a light dusting over the central panel of your face. This will absorb shine but leave you with a natural, fresh look. 
3. Avoid heavy make-up, particularly matte foundation, as it will run and leave you with a smudged look. 
4. Light shade lip gloss looks fresher than heavy matt lipstick in dark colours.

5.  Hair care
A leave-in spray that protects coloured hair from UV rays as well as environmental and heat styling damages. It smoothens frizz and reduces breakage and split ends for hair that is shinier and healthier looking. An effective hair protector, even if you never colour your hair. 

  • Use Conditioner
  • Use Cool Water when Washing Your Hair
    • This may sound a little strange but cool water will seal off your hair strands leaving them smooth and frizz-less.

Be pretty no matter how is the whether is a big lesson~

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Conan in office

The Case of a Black footprint

"Who's footprint is this?"

One of our colleague scream and another one was investigating on the black footprint found in the office yesterday afternoon. 

She stood there to observe: "Okay, this footprint should be belongs to a small feet one and the one who walk bare foot around the office." she said

The "detective" interviews everyone in the office. The 1st person said She couldn't have done it because She was wearing slippers around the office.  The 2nd said she couldn't have done it because she was not standing there. The 3rd person said she couldn't because she was so busy working and my feet is much bigger. Who was lying?

The 'detective" and the group discuss over this case.  At the end, there is no sign of the host of the footprints.  The next day, the cleaner mop the floor and the case was close.


"Trying to make my office story to a detective story. haha!" 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Shopping Trouble 3

Men VS women during shopping

I think that every couples will have different buying behavior.  Me, the shopping QUEEN meet my hubby, the normal guy.  We shop for daily needs and grocery once a week at the mall and "this" often happen to us.

Here we are at the girl section.... ~

and here at the boys section.... ~