Sunday, December 30, 2012

Tutorial: Chinese Sushi

Saturday without working is like in heaven!  Today, I wake up early to bring my cousin going for shopping to buy the ingredients for sushi.  Since we are a kid, we had a long long long list of things we want to do it together.  
Shopping - CHECKED! 
Sushi making - IN PROGRESS....

Let me show you how I make my very own Homemade Chinese style sushi.
Shopping time: depends on personal speed
Serving: 12 people 
Prepare time: 1 Hour 
Sushi time: 1 1/2 Hours 
Cleaning time: 1 Hour

1st:  Warming Up
Cook the rice (2 cups)
Cut the hot-dogs, crab-sticks, cucumber and carrots (long and thin)
Breaks and fried the eggs

When the rice is ready, wait it cool and mix with Japanese vinegar and some mayonnaise with your hand.  (Its better to have the oily surface of the mayo on your palm so its easier for the seaweed to stick together.)

2nd: Roll roll roll a boat sushi
Arrange ALL the ingredients and start to roll with hands like this:

Finish all the rolling slowly, avoid tearing the seaweed apart. >.<

3rd: Cutting into shapes

Avoid pressing the sushi when cutting.

All in the right shape (circle)!


But.........when you turn over..........Its like my kitchen just hit an atomic bomb!  Here is the headache part of all.  I dont know where to start cleaning both of my dry and wet kitchen.  

This is only part 1 (wet kitchen)

See how my cousin cleaning up and open the rubbish bin using her leg!

After all of the hard-work  now is the enjoy part: EATING!

Sushi making - CHECKED! 

 We will do some else next time.  Catch me!

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