Friday, January 4, 2013

Style: Office Lady

Its the 3rd day of work in this new year 2013.  

What hairstyle you do to start this new year?  

I am sharing my WED-FRI(day) hairstyle for Office Lady (OL).   Sometimes, it's the small things that count...  Surprisingly, the small details can create a number of different styles and look.

The ponytail braid Hairstyle: This is the first day of work after the new year holiday.  So most of us are still in the holiday-mood.  I would prefer a ponytail with braid to look cool yet cute to soften the working mood.

The straight hairstyle:  I call it: back to the mood style.

The side-half-tuck hairstyle: A simple yet significant hairstyle trends usually suit on the lazy Friday for me.

Its weekend tomorrow again!  And I'm loving it!  (Copy from McDonald)  :)


Henry Tan said...

wow niceee! got gf like u very good, everyday can see different hair style! haha

ALVINA said...

haha...thanks henry :)