Sunday, January 22, 2012

CNY Eve 2012

Finally I had time to blog again!  So busy cleaning up the house.  Now the last station is my room, will be cleaning up after this post!

Warning : There will be a lot of photo coming up!  XD

I wake up early in the morning to prepare for my New Year shooting with my photographer!

Done!  Waiting for my driver aka photographer!  haha XD

Theme : Cheongsam

This is some of the picture today, we had a challenge that we have to turn the place we shoot like oversea (China) not look like Kuching!

Here we go under the hot hot weather!  Sweating...................................

New Year new clothes new luck!

Don't worry be happy!

All the best to all my family, love one, friends and readers in 2012!

Dare to dream and walk towards it!

Happy! Happy! Happy!  Be happy!

Then, whats on your mind after a hot and sweaty outing?
Cold drinks? Ice kacang? Ice cream?
We are going for Hielo!  It is a frozen yogurt instead of ice cream!

Ooopsss.............It is 12pm!  Then I am back to my home continue cleaning up!  I bath my baby Jordon!

My Baby boy, my BOSS! My lovely Jordon!

Our reunion dinner at my uncle house!

Our dinner started with this!  For a good luck in 2012!

Brave dog!

Food serve!  Steamboat!  All homemade!

Fried "Nian Gao" Sorry, i dont know what this call in english.....
This is how it looks like inside!
My bro eat a lot!

When I was a kid, I asked my parents:

"Why Chinese eat "Nian Gao"...........?

Then my mum replied:

"Nian Gao is a tradition eat for good luck and at the same time it is made very sticky to stick all the bad word you say, so don't scold people on new year, you will chase the good luck away!"

Ok!  I get to stop now!  My messy room is waiting for me!

Throw away the bad luck!  Give me a good luck this year, God!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Chinese New Year Makeup

Welcome the mighty dragon year 

“Dragons are born leaders and masters of ceremonies. Dragon people get things started and keep them moving.” – Chinese Zodiacs


1)  Bye-bye panda eyes : Concealer

 Apply  ARTISTRY Concealer on your under-eyelid.

2)  Basic Step : Natural Look
Put a drop of ARTISTRY BALANCING FOUNDATION LIQUID (10 sen size) on the back of your hand and put it evenly on your face.

Apply small amount of ARTISTRY PURE WHITE POWDER FOUNDATION on the sponge flick it on the whole face to reduce oily texture.

4)  Soul of a women

Draw a fine line of the upper lid of your eyes with

5)   Lashes

 Applying Fake lashes:
Trim the lashes until the size of your eyes.

Squeeze eyelash glue onto the back of your hand and run the eyelash along it.  Blow softly from edge to edge to make the glue a little less runny to apply your lashes.

Pick the lashes up with tweezers and bring it as close to your natural lash line as possible.  Press and hold until the glue dries (30 seconds).

6)  Mascara

Apply ARTISTRY IDEAL WATERPROOF MASCARA under your real lashes and hold on the fake lashes, so it will glue together.

7)  Rosy Cheek

Apply ARTISTRY PEARL SHIMMER a small amount to you cheeks.

8)  Red!
Apply ARTISTRY Lip Colour Creme 


Let's makeup 

I'm SEXY and I know it!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Countdown : 5 Days to Chinese New Year

Kids LOVE CNY because:

1)  New Clothes to wear!

2)  Visiting relatives and friends!

3)  Ang pao Ang pao!

4)  Lion Dance!

5)  Firecrackers!

Talking about new clothes, mini size girl like me don't have size to wear!  Last week, when I was shopping + lunch with my friend, I saw a very pretty Cheongsam and the price is just so cheap with good quality!  The price range outside will be RM120+++

I bought it at the price of RM45 ONLY!  Well, you get it!  Its too big!

I go to the tailor and wanted to "edit" it to my size and shorten the length.  I tried on it,


WOOWWW................. the tailor scratch her head and said:"I need to re-do the whole shirt!"

Then I said,:" I want it to be 23inch for the waist with the length 3 inch above my knee!"

I can see that fire in my mum eyes!  She don't allow me to do 100% my size!

2 DAYS LATER................

OMG!!  Still it too big...I wanted to be fit to my body.  Then my mum said:"GOOD enough!"
I just knew it, she told them not to listen to me................. :(

Monday, January 16, 2012

Panda Eyes Tutorial

TUTORIAL for Panda Eyes

How you deal with your panda eyes?

The answer I get is:

A : I use thick Foundation/power!
B : I use thick concealer!
C : I use white foundation power/cream!

The result of doing that make your eye look swollen!

Say goodbye to panda eye with natural look using the step below:

STEP 1 : ARTISTRY Concealer

ARTISTRY's Concealer contain SPF 15 PA++ protects against exposure to UVA/UVB rays from the sun.   Apply a small amount below the black circle NOT below your under-eye-lid.  

Join the dotted line with your fingertip until it stick to your skin.  Do this before makeup.

STEP 2 : ARTISTRY Pure White Powder Foundation

Apply a small amount on the sponge and flick it on the concealer.  NOT to wipe it with the sponge.  WHY?  Because : It will result having wrinkle on your eye!

Then, continue with your makeup.  Refer to NATURAL MAKEOVER.

BEAUTY ADVISER to get rid annoying panda eye:

1)  Sleep early.  Best bedtime : 11pm.
2)  Drink plain water minimum 7 glass (FULL) a day!
3)  Don't Rub your eyes often!
4)  Use eye mask / cucumber at least twice a week.

For more information email me : HERE