Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Countdown : 5 Days to Chinese New Year

Kids LOVE CNY because:

1)  New Clothes to wear!

2)  Visiting relatives and friends!

3)  Ang pao Ang pao!

4)  Lion Dance!

5)  Firecrackers!

Talking about new clothes, mini size girl like me don't have size to wear!  Last week, when I was shopping + lunch with my friend, I saw a very pretty Cheongsam and the price is just so cheap with good quality!  The price range outside will be RM120+++

I bought it at the price of RM45 ONLY!  Well, you get it!  Its too big!

I go to the tailor and wanted to "edit" it to my size and shorten the length.  I tried on it,


WOOWWW................. the tailor scratch her head and said:"I need to re-do the whole shirt!"

Then I said,:" I want it to be 23inch for the waist with the length 3 inch above my knee!"

I can see that fire in my mum eyes!  She don't allow me to do 100% my size!

2 DAYS LATER................

OMG!!  Still it too big...I wanted to be fit to my body.  Then my mum said:"GOOD enough!"
I just knew it, she told them not to listen to me................. :(


bendan said...

Well,Cheongsam need to be fit only looks nice. =]

Thristhan said...

Hahaha, such an interesting post. I love visiting friends during CNY, and dont forget the gambling with cards and mahjong :) So looks like 5 more days to go.


bendan...i agree with u.....hhmmpp....><

thristhan, only 5 days left..then u cn start gamble...xp

Shuwen said...

eat more ! Then un-mini yourself ! :D Then it'll fit you perfectly. haha !


shuwen, that is call fat...dont 1 >< I am short so cnt be fat if nt will be like doremon...LOL