Monday, June 28, 2010

Handle me with CARE


I am also a Little Bird looking for LOVE that are Forever!!
I am searching for the RIGHT man that LOVE me and CARE for me FOREVER......

I remember years ago, Someone told me I should take caution when it comes to love~I did last time...but NOW I dont cz i trust him...but I hurt heart is like "Mr. potato"!!!! please take me carefully.......!!!


我是一隻小小小小鳥想要飛呀飛 卻飛也飛不高 我尋尋覓覓尋尋覓覓一個溫暖的懷抱這樣的要求算不算太高~~

[我尋尋覓覓尋尋覓覓一個溫暖的懷 抱]!!!!!!

This time I dint even protect myself to let you in so I will HURT BADLY with your language and action did that I am strange with..... I want you to tell me the truth of EVERYTHING so I will feel secure....... I dont know what to say to make you understand me but please use your heart to do that!!


Saturday, June 19, 2010

My 19 Birthday

The Junk's Story:~
13 June 2010

Fooled by my BF by turning around the city which start with The Junk and the end ended there too.........>.<'"
He ordered the food for me and for himself......

1) 2 cup of red wine
2) Onion Soup
3) Garlic bread
4) Mix fries basket
5)Angel hair Prawn Spaghetti

The second day:~
14 June 2010

A surprise Gathering made by my friends....
they surprise me with my cousin coming back from KL for HOLIDAY.....
so touching and happy......

Thanks my friendsss........

Handmade video by me....shows what happen on 13 &14 June 2010....

So happy to have a Sweet and touching 19 Bornday~~

Thanks to everyone who brighten my days........LOVE U GUYSS!!

Friday, June 11, 2010


My LOST tortoise~~!!!

I have two tortoises...
Namely: 幸福 and 快乐

This picture shows the lost one.....快乐!!!
Without him no more happiness for me......

I bought two of them when I was in Form 3......
they are part of my family since I bring them back......
Memories flash back my mind.....
and my heart is so badly hurt a lot!!!

How he is lost?
Well....actually two of my tortoise is male and two different types of tortoise but end up as brothers........
幸福 cant run fast....
but 快乐 can run fast......

My dad did not notice their reaction so he thought both of them cant run fast so he put them at the car-porch but end up one left after cleaning their home.....

I wake up the next morning and found out it is GONE!!!!
Tears row down my checks.....I try to find him everywhere.....
in n out my house even the park opposite my house........

GOSH.......I am terribly sad.....
Please come back home.......
please my baby........


Tuesday, June 8, 2010


当女孩喜欢上了男人,她会对他很好,是很好很好的那种哦。她给他洗衣服, 收拾房间,早晨买早点给他,帮他开水调热水洗澡,小 依人的靠在男人身边。可后来,女孩就悄悄的离开了男人。 男人讲完之后一脸茫然的问我:你说,我哪里做错了!我 她钱买化妆品,有人欺负她,我把那人揍了个半死,我这么爱 她,她为什么就走了呢?

我安静的听完,没办法给这个疑惑的男人一个满意的答案。 们从咖啡店走出来,过马路时男人瞅一个空挡便快步跑到对面向 车流这边的我招手催我过去。我有些无奈的笑了。
我问男人是不是不愿意牵女孩的手。他说在家抱抱可以,在 面多不好意思啊。我说他过马路时一定比女孩快,他点头 你怎么知道?我说女孩在刷碗扫地的时候,他一定是悠闲 看着电视。男人摸着头说自己似乎明白了。我说,如果明白了就 挽回吧。


其实很多女人外表很坚强,内心却还是柔弱,需要男人呵护的。 她不在乎你给了她多钱,买多少钻石,却会永远记得你 皮的从路边花坛偷回的那朵放到她手中的牵牛花。她在厨 忙碌的时候,你从身后送来的一个拥抱加一个吻会让她觉 幸福甜蜜。你们过马路时候,在左边的你紧紧握住她的手,看看 她,不论是什么年纪,都会让她觉得安全。

世界上的女人很多,有美丽的、有温柔的、有聪明的、有可 ……但无论什么类型的女人,期待幸福的心情都是一样的。 所以她们等待着一个男人的出现,等着这个男人对她们好,照顾 她们。

其实女人最期待的是对自己好的男人,就是件很简单的事情,并 无其他。

她只希望自己的男人不要因为忙碌而忘记她的生日。想听他 耳边轻声说句你快乐吧,我的宝贝。这时玫瑰也可以 了。她只希望做家务累的时候,他轻轻抚摩自己的额头说宝贝,喝了牛奶再睡吧。即使对于家务男人一窍不通 她只希望害怕或者孤单的时候,男人在身边搂着她的肩膀坚定的 对她说别怕,有我在。

是的,有的时候,爱意是在不经意间流露的。可能男人你自 没感觉,可是女人却字一句的记在了心底。她们会用更多的爱恋 回报你,只要你永远记得她。

尝试着在出门之前吻一下你的女人。回到家温存的告诉她, 有多么的爱她。你有多么的想她,休息的时候抢过她手里 洗的衣物,帮忙做做家务,天气好的时候带她到公园散步 牵牵手。睡觉前给她讲讲公司或回家路上看到的有趣的事情。 偶尔耐心倾听女人讲的事情,即使你对白菜5角或是4 一斤不感兴趣。在她穿了新裙子的时候,认真的看3分钟 然后诚心夸奖一下她。如果裙子大了,就说你又苗条了, 果裙子小了,就说如果大一点会更漂亮。逛街的时候可以 着女人的手或者揽着她的肩膀,因为这样,她会觉得幸福 女人都希望能在平凡中被呵护着,被爱着。你温存的点点 滴一定能让她闻到幸福的芳香。也让其他旁人羡慕一下。 实女人要的幸福很简单。你要耐心的对你的女人好,不需 好像火山火热,也不需要海浪汹涌,细水长流就足够让她幸福, 开心一辈子。

一个黄昏,我接到那个男人的电话。他很兴奋的告诉我,说 孩又回到了他身边。我问他是怎么做的,他说费了很大力 才约到女孩散步,还专挑路口走。过马路时候站在女孩左边, 紧紧握住她的手。我笑了,说你现在明白了吧。男人嘿嘿的说:明白了,明白了,她跟我,是需要我疼的。

是啊,当上帝用亚当(BOY)的肋骨造了一个夏娃(GIRL)时,就预示着男人 认真照顾身边那个是自己身上肋骨变的女子,好好爱她, 好照顾她,好好的呵护她,否则你自己的胸口也是会疼痛!


Sunday, June 6, 2010


Beware of poison from Your Dogs!!!!!!!!!

We all know that pets aren’t supposed to have people food. But let’s face it, sometimes, it happens…something falls on the floor when you’re cooking dinner, and Buddy is quickly there, vacuuming up the crumbs, or Felix steels something off the plate when you aren’t looking…

There are some healthy “people foods” for pets (only small amounts– not replacements for pet food). But there are also many foods that can be dangerous to our feline friends and canine companions.

Here is a handy list of the top common foods that are toxic to your pet along with tips on what to do if your pet happens to get a hold of any of these substances.



While many pet owners say they feed their pets avocados with no problems, studies have shown that their leaves, fruit, seeds and bark can contain a toxin called Persin.According to the ASPCA, the Guatemalan variety, which is commonly found in stores, contains the most toxicity.

Onions, onion powder, chives and garlic

These all can lead to gastrointestinal irritation and red blood cell damage. All forms of onion can cause problems including dehydrated onions, raw and cooked onions. Cats are more susceptible than dogs, but it can be toxic to both.

Grapes and raisins
These can be toxic to dogs and cause kidney failure. Researchers say there are still many unknowns about the toxicity of grapes and raisins, including whether only certain types of dogs are affected, but it is advised not to feed grapes or raisins to dogs in any amount.

Yeast dough

Dough that is not cooked and contains yeast can rise in your pet’s stomach, causing pain, and can potentially cause the intestines to rupture. This risk diminishes once the dough is cooked.

Left-over bones

Left-over bones pose a choking hazard to pets, and they can also splinter and puncture your pet’s gut or intestine. Additionally, do not feed your pet undercooked meat or eggs, as they can contain harmful bacteria.

Foods with a high salt or fat content

Excessive fats can cause upset stomach and potentially inflame the pancreas causing pancreatitis. Salty foods can pose a risk for the development of sodium ion toxicosis, according to the ASPCA. Be aware that if your pet gets into food with a high fat or salt content, she could experience stomach problems including diarrhea and vomiting.

Chocolate, coffee, alcohol

According to the ASPCA, the substances in chocolate, coffee, and caffeine, methlxanthines, can cause vomiting, diarrhea, panting, excessive thirst and urination, hyperactivity, tremors, seizures, and potentially death in pets. The higher the cocoa percentage, the more dangerous the chocolate is, making dark chocolate more toxic than milk or white chocolate. All these products can cause vomiting, diarrhea and even death.

Sugarless candies (products sweetened with xylitol)

This compound can cause liver damage and even death in some more vulnerable dogs. Xylitol is in many products including gum, candy, sugar-free cookies and toothpaste.

Macadamia nuts

These nuts can cause weakness, vomiting, tremors and hyperthermia in dogs. Symptoms generally last up to two days, and usually appear within 12 hours of ingestion.