Sunday, November 27, 2011


Oh Gosh!  Its so late yet I cant sleep!  

My body says I need to sleep, my eyes and brain say no, no, no! Lucky that tomorrow is Sunday!

Thank GOD for BLOGGER. Otherwise, insomniacs would have nothing better to do while other people are happily visiting dreamland and I am here rolling on my bed yet couldn't get to sleep.

Rolling on bed with BIG eyes

I am feeling like writing a letter to insomnia fairy:

Dear Insomnia fairy,

I am hoping that could have just left me alone when its time for me to sleep.  You had to piss me off and wake me up.  I have a date with my boyfriend tomorrow morning for breakfast!


Strawberry Princess

Alvina Ting

Well, I still cant sleep so let me blog awhile.  I am just hoping that I will wake up tomorrow morning and not sleepy.

Here is a GOOD NEWS for all my readers:~

Strawberry Princess has reached at your "door-step phone-step".  Strawberry Princess for iPhone and Android makes reader easy to view my blog updates.

What are you waiting for? Scan the QR Code above into your phone NOW!
To ADD Strawberry Princess apps, follow the steps below:~

Step 1:
Install "Blogspp" to your phone.
Step 2: 
Use the search engine and type: "Strawberry Princess".
 Use the QR Code Scanner to scan my code above.

Step 3: 
 Lastly, Press ADD BLOG.

Easy?  Yeah!  Its easy as one, two, three!  
You can view my blog anytime even you are not with you "lappy"!  You can also share on Facebook or Twitter!  Keep contact with me!  I promise to blog more! :)

I love feedback so feel free to leave me a message.


Oh My!!!  

Its 3:15am!!!

Gotta get into my blanket force myself to sleep!  I want to go dating tomorrow, please!!!!!

Good night guys!


Nava.K said...

I know what it feels like with insomnia as I go through this all the time.


haha...yap....i always insomnia if i dint sleep b4 1am...