Saturday, September 20, 2014


Yesterday, after breakfast hubby bring both me and manja for a little shopping for ingredients.  He wants to make me a rich chocolate cake!  To all chocolate lover like me, here is a brief summary of it!

"We need this, this this and this....." he said

I was like.... all of this is just for the cake?  Hubby bought a big bar of chocolate and bla bla bla.......   I am so excited to eat it even before hubby made it! hahaha

Usually other commercial cakes (chocolate) will prefer to use coco or chocolate powder but hubby bought a big bar of high quality chocolate for this!  For his was like budget is not a big deal as long as people love it and he will be happy.

After manja is asleep, I get to help him on the cake, yet I only able to help to do measurement and washing. LOL  After 3 hours, the cake is done.  Again, I had my spoon ready to dig in.  But, yes you know it!  Hubby stop me and put in the fridge.  WAIT?  NOT AGAIN! 

tick tok tick tok tick tok tick tok tick tok tick tok tick tok tick tok tick tok tick tok tick tok tick tok tick tok tick tok tick tok tick tok tick tok tick tok tick tok tick tok tick tok tick tok tick tok tick tok 

After it is cold enough, here is it!


The rich and yummy chocolate cake - SACHER!  This is not a sponge cake, it is the best chocolate cake melt from pure high quality chocolate bar!  Trust me, you will want to eat everything by yourself!  


Nehh...... throw the word!

Remember:  Having a delicious cake is a blessing.  

8 inch?   It is not even enough for me!  GOSH!  See those layer?  A tick layer of chocolate combine with some real blueberry in the middle!  Cake from HEAVEN!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Strawberry Cheese Mousse

Today, is all about Homemade Strawberry Cheese Mousse by my hubby!  It was actually a surprise for me even my birthday had passed! He went out with a friend for a whole afternoon and bought back ton and tons and tons of strawberries and saying that he wanted to make a Strawberry Cheese Mousse.  He wake up 7am today to prepare everything and start the cake and of course I am helping some simple simple stuff and also my "lil manja" .
overview of it
We used almost 30 strawberries all together and with a whole block of cheese!  Yum Yum!!  I was so excited BUT when my hubby says that wanted to wait for 4 hours before eating them, my mind was like in the fridge with the cake!  LOL!  Then, he bring me out for ice cream at McD.

After getting home, he start to do the deco and bla bla bla...........  And I cant wait anymore and start to dig in!  I were totally speechless!  It's hard to explain!!  The BEST I ever ate!

Even the mousse is filled with blended strawberries!  

It was strawberries and cheese the whole cake (except the biscuit at the bottom of course)!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Car Wash Cafe


Yesterday, my husband and I follow my parents for dinner @ CAFE CAFE!  They told me it was a car wash cafe which they provide car wash service and serve food too.  There are some other car wash provide food too but it is like kopitiam so i thought it was the same.

Then when we reached it surprise me!  It is so big and nice deco!  Its a real restaurant high-class restaurant!  It was fully booked in the aircon room so we had no choice to sit outside with the smoking zone.

We also bring our Lil Bun to join our dinner but she is too sticky to me so I had to hug her all the time even - eating!

Here comes our order........:

Healthy drink, ice lemon tea, earl grey & detox special
 But the detox drink was send over late (almost being forgotten) so we dint have it on the photo.

Healthy drink -  RM 10.00
Detox special - RM 10.00
Earlgrey Tea - RM 5.00
Ice lemon Tea - RM 5.00

Beef Rendang - RM 25.00

Nyonya Fried Rice - RM18.00

Fish & Chips - RM19.00

Lamb Satay - RM 18.00

And there is one more dish we ordered: Midin Sambal - RM15.00.  The price is quite expensive but I think it is worth for that price as the portion is very big and taste super nice!  Can you believe the Nyonya Fried Rice we share among ourself (5 adults)!  And it is enough!  But the food are a lil quite salty so we ordered plain rice (RM2.00) to finish the midin especially! :)

However, the waitress is very friendly and always put a big smile on their face!  

When I was half way enjoy eating, lil bun cry and scream for milk, well........ so I had to walk to the car to feed her.  Then come back to finish my dinner.

Saturday, June 28, 2014


After the confinement, I am totally alone to take care of my crying baby without confinement aunty helping out.  I am totally scare that I wont do all the job well, but my hubby believes in me and I am totally lucky that my hubby is always helping me when I need a hand.

2nd month

1st month
What I do as a full time Mum everyday?  It is the toughest job ever which never stop, pause and resign!

- Breastfeed my hungry screaming baby, check on her dyper, then make her sleep again so i could rest awhile again
- Awake and pump milk then store in the freezer
- Get myself a cup of hot milk
- Enjoy looking at my sleeping baby LOL
- Get ready to bath my baby girl, breastfeed her, check on her dyper again, after that then of course make her sleep again
- Go out for breakfast with hubby and to the grocery store to buy yogurt before heading home
- Breastfeed my crying baby, check on her dyper and make her sleep again so I can have a short nap
- Lunch
- Breastfeed and check on her dyper, make her sleep again then my own free time awhile before she cry again!
repeat and repeat the same action every moment till 12am in the midnight then finally I can go to bed!  But she will awake also when her dyper wet and hungry...  Tiring but yet very much worth it when looking at her sleeping sweetly!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Confinement Birthday

Early in the morning, hubby gives me a kiss and a "happy birthday".  Although I replied "thank you" but I feel nothing special except manja (an extra extra EXTRA special gift) this year and will not have any celebration and nice food to eat course I am still on confinement.  So after feeding the crying manja, I went to bed laying down scrolling fb up and down.

Suddenly, the door open and saw hubby with a big plate and say "Dear come... I cook you extra special breakfast".

I never thought of having other food except unsalted mee sua everyday and hubby cook me unsalted western breakfast which make me a lot more wanted to eat!  LOL!  After eating manja asking for a dyper change again!

Then, my dearest sista come to my house to accompany me in the afternoon while hubby prepare a special dinner for me, he said.  She help us to snap our 1st COMPLETE family photo! 

Then, finally dinner was served!!  Hubby made the whole burger even the meat inside except the bread lah...  DOUBLE pork DOUBLE cheese Unsalted Burger!

Thank you to my hubby to make my birthday which fall within my confinement real real real extra extra special with our lil manja this year and hopefully more to come!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Being A Mom

After coming home from the hospital with my baby girl, I was totally exhausted and pain with the wound during the process of giving birth!  It was a good experience anyway (natural birth), after the pain of giving birth and started the pain of lack of sleep from now on with a screaming baby!

1st Day:
I am totally blurr about how to handle a crying baby alone in the hospital!  I am hoping that someone could help me but non of the nurse are willing.  So I had to figure out how to change the lampin, how to wrap her up and how to clean her and last how to calm my screaming baby!  After fainted due to tiredness (3 days without sleep before giving birth) and due to GH have not enough bedroom, I try to be strong and wait for visit hours for my hubby!

2nd Day:
After another night without sleep, I pray that doctor will release me from the hospital!  Early in the morning the doctors came over to check of mom and baby and I jumped up with happiness when the doctor says that I can go home by today!  I called up my hubby by 1130am to pick us home!

Our new life had just started with our princess... and there is lots of things to learn!  Now counting down 40days of confinement.

"Cant do this cant do that cant eat this cant eat that............. bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla"

All my time are breast feeding, eat, pump milk for storage, make her sleep, change her lampin, sleep, etc etc.  And myself?  Totally in a mess!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Almost Moment

It was my last day of work and hubby and I are preparing everything for our baby, she will be born ANYTIME now!  So I went to the salon to do a hair cut and hair wash too because during the confinement I cant wash my hair and NOT even bath!  OMG!  I cant think of it anymore!!  LOL 

It is hard to "climb" up the chair to wash my hair.  Baby are kicking very hard!  It was like she is excited to getting a hair wash instead! LOL

Actually I forget to snap a picture of after grooming, so I used also an after grooming picture of mine taken last year.  I seldom snap after grooming picture cause I think every time is almost the same... LOL Then after the hair-do hubby bring me to do some shopping and eat some good food as I will eat unsalted food and lock at home for 40days!
before going to hospital
At the same day too!  When I went to the toilet by 3am in the midnight, I saw blood stain.  Then, hubby prepared to bring me to the hospital but to calm my nervousness I reject to go to the hospital at this time so we continue lay on bed till it is morning!  I cant believe I still can stand till morning!  haha!  Everyone was so nervous for me yet I still lay back on the bed!  LOL!  Then, I went to the hospital by 5am after a bath and a breakfast!

Later I were ask to stay in the hospital till "it" is open till 4cm (currently 2cm) to be bring down to the delivery room.

Throwback to a week ago.............................