Saturday, June 28, 2014


After the confinement, I am totally alone to take care of my crying baby without confinement aunty helping out.  I am totally scare that I wont do all the job well, but my hubby believes in me and I am totally lucky that my hubby is always helping me when I need a hand.

2nd month

1st month
What I do as a full time Mum everyday?  It is the toughest job ever which never stop, pause and resign!

- Breastfeed my hungry screaming baby, check on her dyper, then make her sleep again so i could rest awhile again
- Awake and pump milk then store in the freezer
- Get myself a cup of hot milk
- Enjoy looking at my sleeping baby LOL
- Get ready to bath my baby girl, breastfeed her, check on her dyper again, after that then of course make her sleep again
- Go out for breakfast with hubby and to the grocery store to buy yogurt before heading home
- Breastfeed my crying baby, check on her dyper and make her sleep again so I can have a short nap
- Lunch
- Breastfeed and check on her dyper, make her sleep again then my own free time awhile before she cry again!
repeat and repeat the same action every moment till 12am in the midnight then finally I can go to bed!  But she will awake also when her dyper wet and hungry...  Tiring but yet very much worth it when looking at her sleeping sweetly!

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