Sunday, July 13, 2014

Car Wash Cafe


Yesterday, my husband and I follow my parents for dinner @ CAFE CAFE!  They told me it was a car wash cafe which they provide car wash service and serve food too.  There are some other car wash provide food too but it is like kopitiam so i thought it was the same.

Then when we reached it surprise me!  It is so big and nice deco!  Its a real restaurant high-class restaurant!  It was fully booked in the aircon room so we had no choice to sit outside with the smoking zone.

We also bring our Lil Bun to join our dinner but she is too sticky to me so I had to hug her all the time even - eating!

Here comes our order........:

Healthy drink, ice lemon tea, earl grey & detox special
 But the detox drink was send over late (almost being forgotten) so we dint have it on the photo.

Healthy drink -  RM 10.00
Detox special - RM 10.00
Earlgrey Tea - RM 5.00
Ice lemon Tea - RM 5.00

Beef Rendang - RM 25.00

Nyonya Fried Rice - RM18.00

Fish & Chips - RM19.00

Lamb Satay - RM 18.00

And there is one more dish we ordered: Midin Sambal - RM15.00.  The price is quite expensive but I think it is worth for that price as the portion is very big and taste super nice!  Can you believe the Nyonya Fried Rice we share among ourself (5 adults)!  And it is enough!  But the food are a lil quite salty so we ordered plain rice (RM2.00) to finish the midin especially! :)

However, the waitress is very friendly and always put a big smile on their face!  

When I was half way enjoy eating, lil bun cry and scream for milk, well........ so I had to walk to the car to feed her.  Then come back to finish my dinner.

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