Sunday, August 31, 2014

Strawberry Cheese Mousse

Today, is all about Homemade Strawberry Cheese Mousse by my hubby!  It was actually a surprise for me even my birthday had passed! He went out with a friend for a whole afternoon and bought back ton and tons and tons of strawberries and saying that he wanted to make a Strawberry Cheese Mousse.  He wake up 7am today to prepare everything and start the cake and of course I am helping some simple simple stuff and also my "lil manja" .
overview of it
We used almost 30 strawberries all together and with a whole block of cheese!  Yum Yum!!  I was so excited BUT when my hubby says that wanted to wait for 4 hours before eating them, my mind was like in the fridge with the cake!  LOL!  Then, he bring me out for ice cream at McD.

After getting home, he start to do the deco and bla bla bla...........  And I cant wait anymore and start to dig in!  I were totally speechless!  It's hard to explain!!  The BEST I ever ate!

Even the mousse is filled with blended strawberries!  

It was strawberries and cheese the whole cake (except the biscuit at the bottom of course)!

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