Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sanga Japanese Food

Sushi is a Japanese dish considered a delicacy. It started out as a fast food in Japan because of its quick popularity and easiness to make. A simple round sandwich of sorts, made with rice, fish or sashimi, and circled with nori. However, the fish ingredients cause controversy because of its sometimes raw factor and the overfished marine life.

Last week, i go for Sushi this time not going to Sushi King.


SANGA is where another sushi eating restaurant in Kuching.  It is located near Sarawak Plaza the shop-lot beside Pizza Hut.

Although the price is quite expensive, but the taste of the food make it worth.  I love salmon so much that every of our dish have salmon.

My order:
A little bit of lemon~~

Our beloved SALMON!

Seaweed and Unagi


The garlic rice

The sushi is so B-I-G !!  I am going to open my mouth wide and squeeze in!  OMG!  Please don't watch me eat...  haha  XD

I am ready to eat, turn your head away ya~  xp