Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sarawak Club

Yesterday,we had a farewell dinner for our one of our colleague, Adlin.  Dinner start 6pm after work at Sarawak Club.  I dont drive that day because I cant see clearly at night.  All photos which is post here later is without editing, original taken by nex f3 and post.

me in the car with colleagues

Beware of uncovered photos unveil coming down.....We are try on the camera timer set up in the car with poses before heading to dinner.

lets go!! :)

Here we are at Sarawak Club.  We are serve in a private room with two big tables. We just cant stop snapping photos around before the food is serve.  The room is quite nice with space big enough for us to be like monkey.


I just cant stop laughing with this!

egg drop soup
This soup serve with vinegar.  But is not shark fin, it is egg (蛋花 dan hua) in chinese.  Very nice!

fried rice
The fried rice look like nothing special yet the taste was great.  It was just right.

lau sheng? LOL
They are all yelling at me for a fast shoot so they can start eating.  That's why the chopstick and scoop is ready.... LOL

lemon chicken
Lemon chicken is cooked by fried chicken with lemon sauce.  Lemon lover will like this!

tao hu
Tao Hu with mince meat is best together.  Love it!

yam basket with vege
The vege is nice and fresh unfortunately the yam is very sticky.  Its like chewing gum.

bilin with belacan
Bilin with belacan is most sarawakian favorite!  I remember that my uncle describe belacan as "sarawak black chocolate". But there is no taste of belacan in the dish.

the best butter prawn ever!
Here is butter prawn from heaven!  Extremely yummy!  It is a small potion and it was not enough for all of us.  Hope that it was more for us. hehe

butter prawn from heaven!

Prawn not enough! OMG!!

group photo

this is the main actress for the night!

Only members are allow in Sarawak club.  Which they provide facilities like:

  • Basketball Court
  • Board Room
  • Conference Room - Brooke Chamber
  • Golf Resort
  • Library
  • Multi Purpose Hall
  • Snooker Room
  • Squash Court
  • Steam Bath
  • Tennis Court
  • The Gym

All the best, friend!  See you again!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Finally, F3

Its always my dream to have my very own camera.  I cannot take a good self picture without a secondary cam in front.  So I need cam which can take self picture easily, clear image and video recording.  

Then, I found this!

my new travel buddy!

I can't wait till I off from work and playing with my "buddy" with my baby Jordon and Fluffy!  Here come some of the picture I took with Nex-f3.  ALL photos upload without any single editing.  

me in our company uniform :)
my naughty precious baby boy
Fluffy, our good boy
when two babies meet
kiss from fluffy to all

And this is what we call panorama:

Finally, I bought it myself so it wont be a problem when comes to travelling which I always borrow from cousins.  Now, I have my own cam which I really really like!  

Nex f3 save me from self portrait problems!  Yeahh yeahh!!

Friday, February 15, 2013

CNY 3rd Day

Sorry for the late post for 3rd day of CNY.  Dad bring us to his friends house for visiting.  They are guessing my age around secondary school student.  My dad says I already finish my college and start work... Ok well.... no angpao for me already...  How I wish to just force myself to note my head so I can get more angpao... hehe

Then we meet our cousins to visit the KING of the snake.  Well...its not really a king but a very big snake.  Its a very hot day.  Lots of people are squeezing to touch the snake as they owner of the snake belief that if you touch the snake you will be blessed good wealth in snake year but in return we need to give the snake angpao.

My dad (left) and my uncle (middle) say that they feel so geli after touching the snake.  My cousins touched twice because he dint get a clear shoot at the first touch. 

After that, dad bring us to The Spring Shopping Mall for sakae sushi and shopping.  Then, my auntie called us for dinner that night for her early birthday celebration.  It was already 430pm and we rush home to be prepare for dinner.

My outfit for that day:

Gold means good wealth...  Well... I pray for that... ^^

CNY 2013:

Monday, February 11, 2013


Yeah!  Lucky the second day my dad dint wake me up early...  I just woke up naturally at 830am thinking of why is it so late yet no one wake me up for more angpao?  hahaha!  I still enjoy visiting relatives and still very excited!   As the bigger I grow the lesser my angpao "grow"...   hhmmppp...  Can I just remain as a kid for CNY?  LOL

We went to auntie house (mum side) and pick her together to our cousins house.  Food just arrive when we reach there by 12pm!  We are just on time which we thought the food will be finish by that time we reach...  hehe!

Then, I rush home by 1pm after eating as my colleague wanted to come over to our house and waited till 4pm luckly in the middle of waiting, our cousins and my dad old classmate come over to visit.

Gaming like a boss!
By 6pm we get ready to go to our uncle house to drink and eat!  This become our family tradition!  We had family gathering every year on CNY 2nd day...  

homemade pizza
Its only the 2nda day, yet I can see my tummy now!  GOSH!!!  It was terrible!  I need to stop eating!  I just cant belief my eyes!

Garment today:

CNY 2013:

Sunday, February 10, 2013


Its the 1st day of Chinese New Year today, i woke up by 630am to prepare myself to church at 8am.  
Why so early?
Well.... because I am always the slowest to be ready in time...  I am still rolling on the bed until 645am... LOL  Yet today I am still late, the mass start 8am and I just finish bath and makeup!  I don't even have time to do my hair!  Rush to church right away!  My dad says he learnt a lesson and will wake me up by 5am next time!   OMG!!  I was so tired because of my housing area is full of fireworks the whole night!

Every 1st day of CNY, most people are wearing RED because red means GOOD LUCK.  After the mass, father gives out angpao for kids below 10 and seniors above 70!  But everyone got themselves two blessed oranges each!

Then we off to my eldest uncle house and grandma house for breakfast eating "mee sua" which means LONG LIFE (长寿).  Its our tradition!    Then our family had a family photo shoot by my uncle for us.  Just a small family of us before I get married (still far to go and dont know when)... LOL 

I still not yet done my hair that's why its still straight.  My lil bro is the only one dint wear red in our family.  I asking my dad to propose to go to our house 1st so I can do my hair.  I don't want to go out like that with my fizzy hair, even my baby Jordon's hair look better then mine - not fizzy at all.  hmmmppp

my baby Jordon
Then, FINALLY!  They are all coming to our house!  Our family is quite tradition, we visit houses from eldest to youngest, my dad is the 2nd son!  So, its our turn!  After serving them food and drinks I go to my room to curl my hair!  hehe... happy!

My garment for today:

I hardly get a whole body picture by myself because I dont have a head to toe mirror which I wanted so badly ever since I had my own room!  So my dad help me... This time with my baby boy Jordon!  Lots of lots of lots of LOVE!!!  phieewwiiitttt!!  haha!   

Wear:  Red one-piece dress with a lil golden dot dots and a tiny belt! 


CNY 2013:

Saturday, February 9, 2013


Its Chinese new year eve today! Yet I am not ready! My room is super duper messy! I can't imagine how could I did that... LOL  I dont know when is my last time making breakfast for family.. haha! Today I cook (just a simple one lah) :)

Then my mum tell me that I only have 4 hours to tidy up everything before dinner at uncle house! OMG!!


My unpack new shirt
My  baggage since last year august
messy table
my skincare and cosmetic in a mess too!
well.... my college text book and bla bla bla stuff

After looking at the shocking picture of my room.  You can now enjoy my "new room".. haha... no lah...its still the same room but after clean up about 3 hours it look as pretty as new :) 

tadaaa!! :)
all my magazines and books (tidy) :)

I have a habit of not tidy my bed because if it is too tidy, it is like a note writing:


I like the feel of the bed is always ready for me to sleep!  haha!  Its 4pm, and my mum shout for us to be ready and go RIGHT AWAY. Dinner time for CNY EVE together with my uncle's family...

You can see this on my instagram (alvinating)

cousin helping on the steamboat
Auntie still cooking (crabs)
Fresh crabs catch by uncle NOT buy oo... hehe
Wine! My family love to drink 
yum yumm!

Its time to rest and watch the fireworks going around house and shopping mall... Well...another sleepless night!  But my mum warn me to wake up 6am to prepare so we wont be late to church early morning :)
Ok, well.... I am always the slowest.. haha!!  I am so excited to wear my new dress! 

As the new year (snake) approaches I wish every one of my friends a very happy,wealthy, prosperous new year but most of all I wish you all Good Health to all the people in my life, let's forget the bad and remember the good. Let's make it one of the best year.. here's to 2013!!!  *drink   :)


Thanks to all of my friends and readers need not be forgotten.  Here's a virtual hug to all my friends. You're the best! Best wishes for a Happy New Year!

With love,
strawberry princess alvina