Monday, February 11, 2013


Yeah!  Lucky the second day my dad dint wake me up early...  I just woke up naturally at 830am thinking of why is it so late yet no one wake me up for more angpao?  hahaha!  I still enjoy visiting relatives and still very excited!   As the bigger I grow the lesser my angpao "grow"...   hhmmppp...  Can I just remain as a kid for CNY?  LOL

We went to auntie house (mum side) and pick her together to our cousins house.  Food just arrive when we reach there by 12pm!  We are just on time which we thought the food will be finish by that time we reach...  hehe!

Then, I rush home by 1pm after eating as my colleague wanted to come over to our house and waited till 4pm luckly in the middle of waiting, our cousins and my dad old classmate come over to visit.

Gaming like a boss!
By 6pm we get ready to go to our uncle house to drink and eat!  This become our family tradition!  We had family gathering every year on CNY 2nd day...  

homemade pizza
Its only the 2nda day, yet I can see my tummy now!  GOSH!!!  It was terrible!  I need to stop eating!  I just cant belief my eyes!

Garment today:

CNY 2013:

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Henry Tan said...

Happy Chinese New yEar!!! =DD