Friday, February 15, 2013

CNY 3rd Day

Sorry for the late post for 3rd day of CNY.  Dad bring us to his friends house for visiting.  They are guessing my age around secondary school student.  My dad says I already finish my college and start work... Ok well.... no angpao for me already...  How I wish to just force myself to note my head so I can get more angpao... hehe

Then we meet our cousins to visit the KING of the snake.  Well...its not really a king but a very big snake.  Its a very hot day.  Lots of people are squeezing to touch the snake as they owner of the snake belief that if you touch the snake you will be blessed good wealth in snake year but in return we need to give the snake angpao.

My dad (left) and my uncle (middle) say that they feel so geli after touching the snake.  My cousins touched twice because he dint get a clear shoot at the first touch. 

After that, dad bring us to The Spring Shopping Mall for sakae sushi and shopping.  Then, my auntie called us for dinner that night for her early birthday celebration.  It was already 430pm and we rush home to be prepare for dinner.

My outfit for that day:

Gold means good wealth...  Well... I pray for that... ^^

CNY 2013:

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