Monday, February 25, 2013

Finally, F3

Its always my dream to have my very own camera.  I cannot take a good self picture without a secondary cam in front.  So I need cam which can take self picture easily, clear image and video recording.  

Then, I found this!

my new travel buddy!

I can't wait till I off from work and playing with my "buddy" with my baby Jordon and Fluffy!  Here come some of the picture I took with Nex-f3.  ALL photos upload without any single editing.  

me in our company uniform :)
my naughty precious baby boy
Fluffy, our good boy
when two babies meet
kiss from fluffy to all

And this is what we call panorama:

Finally, I bought it myself so it wont be a problem when comes to travelling which I always borrow from cousins.  Now, I have my own cam which I really really like!  

Nex f3 save me from self portrait problems!  Yeahh yeahh!!


Henry Tan said...

but quite a big chunk for traveling isnt it? how much is it anyway?

Alvina said...

henry, its not too is actually. Smaller than DSLR. this is only digital cam :)
I bought it around RM1700