Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sarawak Club

Yesterday,we had a farewell dinner for our one of our colleague, Adlin.  Dinner start 6pm after work at Sarawak Club.  I dont drive that day because I cant see clearly at night.  All photos which is post here later is without editing, original taken by nex f3 and post.

me in the car with colleagues

Beware of uncovered photos unveil coming down.....We are try on the camera timer set up in the car with poses before heading to dinner.

lets go!! :)

Here we are at Sarawak Club.  We are serve in a private room with two big tables. We just cant stop snapping photos around before the food is serve.  The room is quite nice with space big enough for us to be like monkey.


I just cant stop laughing with this!

egg drop soup
This soup serve with vinegar.  But is not shark fin, it is egg (蛋花 dan hua) in chinese.  Very nice!

fried rice
The fried rice look like nothing special yet the taste was great.  It was just right.

lau sheng? LOL
They are all yelling at me for a fast shoot so they can start eating.  That's why the chopstick and scoop is ready.... LOL

lemon chicken
Lemon chicken is cooked by fried chicken with lemon sauce.  Lemon lover will like this!

tao hu
Tao Hu with mince meat is best together.  Love it!

yam basket with vege
The vege is nice and fresh unfortunately the yam is very sticky.  Its like chewing gum.

bilin with belacan
Bilin with belacan is most sarawakian favorite!  I remember that my uncle describe belacan as "sarawak black chocolate". But there is no taste of belacan in the dish.

the best butter prawn ever!
Here is butter prawn from heaven!  Extremely yummy!  It is a small potion and it was not enough for all of us.  Hope that it was more for us. hehe

butter prawn from heaven!

Prawn not enough! OMG!!

group photo

this is the main actress for the night!

Only members are allow in Sarawak club.  Which they provide facilities like:

  • Basketball Court
  • Board Room
  • Conference Room - Brooke Chamber
  • Golf Resort
  • Library
  • Multi Purpose Hall
  • Snooker Room
  • Squash Court
  • Steam Bath
  • Tennis Court
  • The Gym

All the best, friend!  See you again!

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