Sunday, February 10, 2013


Its the 1st day of Chinese New Year today, i woke up by 630am to prepare myself to church at 8am.  
Why so early?
Well.... because I am always the slowest to be ready in time...  I am still rolling on the bed until 645am... LOL  Yet today I am still late, the mass start 8am and I just finish bath and makeup!  I don't even have time to do my hair!  Rush to church right away!  My dad says he learnt a lesson and will wake me up by 5am next time!   OMG!!  I was so tired because of my housing area is full of fireworks the whole night!

Every 1st day of CNY, most people are wearing RED because red means GOOD LUCK.  After the mass, father gives out angpao for kids below 10 and seniors above 70!  But everyone got themselves two blessed oranges each!

Then we off to my eldest uncle house and grandma house for breakfast eating "mee sua" which means LONG LIFE (长寿).  Its our tradition!    Then our family had a family photo shoot by my uncle for us.  Just a small family of us before I get married (still far to go and dont know when)... LOL 

I still not yet done my hair that's why its still straight.  My lil bro is the only one dint wear red in our family.  I asking my dad to propose to go to our house 1st so I can do my hair.  I don't want to go out like that with my fizzy hair, even my baby Jordon's hair look better then mine - not fizzy at all.  hmmmppp

my baby Jordon
Then, FINALLY!  They are all coming to our house!  Our family is quite tradition, we visit houses from eldest to youngest, my dad is the 2nd son!  So, its our turn!  After serving them food and drinks I go to my room to curl my hair!  hehe... happy!

My garment for today:

I hardly get a whole body picture by myself because I dont have a head to toe mirror which I wanted so badly ever since I had my own room!  So my dad help me... This time with my baby boy Jordon!  Lots of lots of lots of LOVE!!!  phieewwiiitttt!!  haha!   

Wear:  Red one-piece dress with a lil golden dot dots and a tiny belt! 


CNY 2013:

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