Saturday, February 9, 2013


Its Chinese new year eve today! Yet I am not ready! My room is super duper messy! I can't imagine how could I did that... LOL  I dont know when is my last time making breakfast for family.. haha! Today I cook (just a simple one lah) :)

Then my mum tell me that I only have 4 hours to tidy up everything before dinner at uncle house! OMG!!


My unpack new shirt
My  baggage since last year august
messy table
my skincare and cosmetic in a mess too!
well.... my college text book and bla bla bla stuff

After looking at the shocking picture of my room.  You can now enjoy my "new room".. haha... no lah...its still the same room but after clean up about 3 hours it look as pretty as new :) 

tadaaa!! :)
all my magazines and books (tidy) :)

I have a habit of not tidy my bed because if it is too tidy, it is like a note writing:


I like the feel of the bed is always ready for me to sleep!  haha!  Its 4pm, and my mum shout for us to be ready and go RIGHT AWAY. Dinner time for CNY EVE together with my uncle's family...

You can see this on my instagram (alvinating)

cousin helping on the steamboat
Auntie still cooking (crabs)
Fresh crabs catch by uncle NOT buy oo... hehe
Wine! My family love to drink 
yum yumm!

Its time to rest and watch the fireworks going around house and shopping mall... Well...another sleepless night!  But my mum warn me to wake up 6am to prepare so we wont be late to church early morning :)
Ok, well.... I am always the slowest.. haha!!  I am so excited to wear my new dress! 

As the new year (snake) approaches I wish every one of my friends a very happy,wealthy, prosperous new year but most of all I wish you all Good Health to all the people in my life, let's forget the bad and remember the good. Let's make it one of the best year.. here's to 2013!!!  *drink   :)


Thanks to all of my friends and readers need not be forgotten.  Here's a virtual hug to all my friends. You're the best! Best wishes for a Happy New Year!

With love,
strawberry princess alvina

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