Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Almost Moment

It was my last day of work and hubby and I are preparing everything for our baby, she will be born ANYTIME now!  So I went to the salon to do a hair cut and hair wash too because during the confinement I cant wash my hair and NOT even bath!  OMG!  I cant think of it anymore!!  LOL 

It is hard to "climb" up the chair to wash my hair.  Baby are kicking very hard!  It was like she is excited to getting a hair wash instead! LOL

Actually I forget to snap a picture of after grooming, so I used also an after grooming picture of mine taken last year.  I seldom snap after grooming picture cause I think every time is almost the same... LOL Then after the hair-do hubby bring me to do some shopping and eat some good food as I will eat unsalted food and lock at home for 40days!
before going to hospital
At the same day too!  When I went to the toilet by 3am in the midnight, I saw blood stain.  Then, hubby prepared to bring me to the hospital but to calm my nervousness I reject to go to the hospital at this time so we continue lay on bed till it is morning!  I cant believe I still can stand till morning!  haha!  Everyone was so nervous for me yet I still lay back on the bed!  LOL!  Then, I went to the hospital by 5am after a bath and a breakfast!

Later I were ask to stay in the hospital till "it" is open till 4cm (currently 2cm) to be bring down to the delivery room.

Throwback to a week ago.............................

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