Saturday, January 18, 2014

Mum To Be

I was sick for 4 days yet doctor say i am just over stress so giving me a lot of medicine but I feel something are not so right so my hubby buy a pregnancy tester and guess what we get?

I am pregnant!  Lucky that baby is very healthy although i ate so much medicine!  Its a gift from God!  Thanks to the Lord!  Then we started to prepare a lot of baby stuff and read a thousand of article about pregnancy and baby!

"In my flesh I see the mark of God"

Being pregnant is one of the greatest gifts that can be experienced!  We are discussing about our unborn baby's gender, it’s a GIRL or BOY?  Then my hubby decided to do some experiment…  When he is around, I will feel like vomiting but wont really did.  Once he walk away, I will vomit like there is no tomorrow!  Gosh!!  It was super uncomfortable!!  Then, he says that is a GIRL!  Even we knew that this wont be 100% accurate but my hubby believes his six sense!

But both of us agree that, its is not important on the gender, we just want him/her to be healthy.  That is all that really matters!  And I started to get hungry every hours!  OMG!!  This make me gain more weight even my baby bump is still not so obvious!  I cant imagine when it grows even bigger next month!

Then, my dad pass us two christian baby names book for our reference.  Those books are from my birth date till now!

"Dear.... This listing  job pass to you ohh... Then decide together ok?" my hubby said to me with his finger on my lips.

Non of the name approve by my hubby.  I agree that it is not unique enough!  So still looking for the special name!  Everyone were asking us what is his/her nickname and we cant think of any.  Last we just call our baby as BABY!  Simple nick! LOL

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