Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Wedding Ceremony (Part 1)

Hello guys, sorry for the lack of update. Busy with tons and tons of stuff. However, I able to "pick up" some time to blog about my wedding - part 1, which is the ceremony in the morning. We had thousands of photo so I will only be able to show a summary of the wedding.

Before I getting married, I heard people saying about something like............. :

"You wont be able to sleep that night! I am sure, cause I passed through!"

And before that, I thought:  
"Nehhh... I will have a beauty sleep! I am sure!!"

Well..... till that day, my cousin - evelyn was sleeping with me at my house, I really cant sleep even I closed my eyes for 2 hours yet I am mind and body are still awake!! Now I know the feeling of happy and nervous! It is so fast that the time had shown 430am! And its time for me to get ready for the day!

I posted on my FB status, and happily get ready myself while my parents are helping me on breakfast and checking all the deco.

thanks to my cousinssss for making my ideas so beautiful!!!

"I am so nervous dear, Its the most happiest day today! Glad to have you to be my wife!" my hubby sent to me
"I am nervous too! I love you dear!" I replied,
"I love you very much my love - my wife!"

Then I heard the firecrackers!! He Hubby is here!!!! My heart start to jump super fast! And I pray to God thanks Him for this beautiful moment of my life!

the brotherssss

hubby is acting kawaii!! LOL

Here, I am now at my future home!!

the sisterssss + my lil bro (behind)

oopppsss!!! the baby  is not ours....okiee... lol

my lil family at the church!

to be continued.....................

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