Friday, December 13, 2013


It had been a very busy day on our Registration Of Marriage day. Yet I get to squeeze out some time to post this out. Hope to share our happiness together. Well, It is a very happy day for both of us which God bring us together and we are now announced as "husband & wife".

Wei, my husband is NOT  a romantic type of guy so most of my friends around are asking how he manage to propose to me or even chasing me. Here how, 


I can feel his heart which wanted to be with me so much and he did put me as his future wife that's why I am attracting to him. And for the proposal part, he did not bought any flowers or rings. He hold my hand and sit in-front of my parents and that's his proposal (that's not romantic at all, I am thinking of a proposal like some-other girls too... envy*)

"Dear, where is the flower and ring? Not romantic de lehhh...." I mumble from my mouth

He than hold my face up and say: "Do you want to be my wife? I had the most important things equipped in my heart than the flowers and ring."

"What's that lehhh?" I smile a little

"LOVE!" while he put my hand on his chest and he kissed me on my lips

And I agree with his non-romantic proposal! OMG!!! I am so "good"! LOL

Here's the photo on our ROM day! Just a little yet meaningful!

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