Monday, January 16, 2012

Panda Eyes Tutorial

TUTORIAL for Panda Eyes

How you deal with your panda eyes?

The answer I get is:

A : I use thick Foundation/power!
B : I use thick concealer!
C : I use white foundation power/cream!

The result of doing that make your eye look swollen!

Say goodbye to panda eye with natural look using the step below:

STEP 1 : ARTISTRY Concealer

ARTISTRY's Concealer contain SPF 15 PA++ protects against exposure to UVA/UVB rays from the sun.   Apply a small amount below the black circle NOT below your under-eye-lid.  

Join the dotted line with your fingertip until it stick to your skin.  Do this before makeup.

STEP 2 : ARTISTRY Pure White Powder Foundation

Apply a small amount on the sponge and flick it on the concealer.  NOT to wipe it with the sponge.  WHY?  Because : It will result having wrinkle on your eye!

Then, continue with your makeup.  Refer to NATURAL MAKEOVER.

BEAUTY ADVISER to get rid annoying panda eye:

1)  Sleep early.  Best bedtime : 11pm.
2)  Drink plain water minimum 7 glass (FULL) a day!
3)  Don't Rub your eyes often!
4)  Use eye mask / cucumber at least twice a week.

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Eunice said...

Nice sharing! Thanks for the tutorial, i think it helps! ^^


welcome.....great that my tutorial does helps...:)