Thursday, January 5, 2012

Flash Flood

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Two missing after being swept away by rushing waters in a storm drain

5 January 2012, Thursday - Stormy Rain

It is raining so heavy outside in the early morning today.  I woke up and prepare for work.  Once I drive to the road outside my house, it was flooded badly!

"Come back home now!" my dad called me

Then my dad use his Hilux to pick me to office but it was crazy traffic jam and the heavy rain swallowed some of the cars too!  Soon, we went back home.  After 2 hours, my dad bring me back to office!  Half way to office we saw an accident!

KUCHING: A Form 6 girl and a petrol station worker are missing after being swept away by rushing waters in a storm drain at Jalan Rock today!

Witnesses said the student was on her way to school in rainy conditions, when she suddenly slipped and fell into the drain.
A fireman, who had stopped at the petrol station due to flooding around the city, was informed of the incident by the station’s cashier and entered the rushing waters in an attempt to save her.
He apparently managed to grab hold of her hair but was unable to hold on as the girl was quickly swept into the underground drainage system.
When the fireman climbed out of the drain he was informed that petrol station worker Herman Finas had earlier jumped in after the girl.

However, there was no sign of him.

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It was a scary incident!

"The movie 2012 true?" 
"Will it be end of the world soon?" 

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Henry Tan said...

hmmm. god bless both of them. yeah that's what im thinking too, 2012... is it the end of the world?