Wednesday, January 11, 2012


This morning in the office around 11am.............

Then suddenly, 

I answer the phone without looking who is the caller....

Me : Hello, xx Sdn Bhd.
YY : Hello, may I speak to Alvina?
Me : Ya, speaking.
YY : I am calling from RHB Bank about your credit.  You owe the bank RM5000.
Me : What? RM5000?!
YY : Yes!  
Me : The question is I dont have any RHB account how can I owe you?
YY : Sorry Miss is RM500 only.
Me : Rm500? But I dont have any accout for RHB!

I am nervous and keep thinking of any possible answer.  I dont use credit card, I dont own an accout with RHB Bank, my boyfriend does not have too!  I really cant think of any perfect answer for that! Gosh!

YY : You try to ask your parents.
Me : Even my parents does not have RHB Bank accout!
YY : You just try to ask first lah...
Me : Can I know who is speaking?
YY : I am Nxxxx from XX sdn bhd!

Guess who is this?

Is my colleague!!

"Gotcha!  I cant believe that you trust me so much!"  She laugh!

She is copying JJ and Ean from Hitz FM?  Phew, luckily is just a joke!

I am totally SPEECHLESS!!!

This is what happen when you are too serious and focus on your job!

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