Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Shopping Trouble

Chinese New Year is coming!  Gosh!  I haven't buy any shirt nor shoes yet!  I go for shopping with my boyfriend last Monday at most of the places in Kuching!

While shopping happily, troubles against us me!  First, I shop for shoes!

"Baby, please look for the shop with chair for me and my iPhone ya~~"

Finally, I saw one awesome pretty heels!

"Ms, can I have the smallest size?"
"Sure!  Here is size 4."

"Next station baby!  This shop is not your cup of tea!" 

Here we go again, this time to the boutique!

Again, my boyfriend is still playing with his Monopoly on his iPhone!  Guess what happen when I get out of the fitting room?

Most people said to me:

"I want to be like you, mini size!  I am too tall!"

But then,
I hope to be taller so i can fit the heels and the dress I love!

I am trying to draw with out asking for my personal graphic designer (BF), I hope its not too ugly!
Stay tune and see the perfect drawing!


Henry Tan said...

haha nice drawing! atleast i still can understand it! =p hmmm too tall got problem too. hardly can find big size of shoes!


haha...luckily can be understand...both small size and tall size gt problem...middle better...^^