Thursday, December 29, 2011

Angry Man

On the Phone................ 

"I want to book a ticket from Kuching to Bintulu on 29dec and back on 30dec."
"Ok, your name sir~"
"I am Wong xxxxxxxx from Syarikat xxxxxxx I will get the ticket from you this afternoon!"

At office.........

Then this man come in the afternoon after lunch time.

"Anything I can help sir?"
"Collect ticket!"
"Who are you dealing with?"
"That side sir!"

He walk towards me and say:

"My ticket!"
"Here sir!"
"And where is my boarding pass?"
"Huh? You dint ask me to check in for you sir!"
"I did!  I ask you why you ask me?"


He was so rude!!!  GOD!!!

Then everyone in the office tell me that he is one of our rude customer ever!!!  Damn!!!  I am so unlucky!!!

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