Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Oppa Party STyle

Oppsss... Its like 1 month I had not walk in.  I am very busy with my full time work and getting all the package (sickness).  Tired.  Yet this is LIFE.   Hopefully I get more time to do so.

Nothing special as a working adult.  And have no more free time to do my part-time (modeling).  I started to missed the time when I was still studying which my time was free to do what ever I like.  Now, working is part of my life and responsibility.  

However, life was short.  I get the time to play too.  Last saturday, one of our friend had his costume birthday party.  It was the first time of my 21 years to have such party.

Guess this is a boy or a girl beside me?
my besties act as a princess.
What's character is him?
The mammy!!

Opp opp
The birthday boy (king - right)

The party ended happily and most of them are all drunk but I am awake after drinking mix of red wine + beer + vodka.  *proud*   :p

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