Thursday, June 28, 2012

Conan in office

The Case of a Black footprint

"Who's footprint is this?"

One of our colleague scream and another one was investigating on the black footprint found in the office yesterday afternoon. 

She stood there to observe: "Okay, this footprint should be belongs to a small feet one and the one who walk bare foot around the office." she said

The "detective" interviews everyone in the office. The 1st person said She couldn't have done it because She was wearing slippers around the office.  The 2nd said she couldn't have done it because she was not standing there. The 3rd person said she couldn't because she was so busy working and my feet is much bigger. Who was lying?

The 'detective" and the group discuss over this case.  At the end, there is no sign of the host of the footprints.  The next day, the cleaner mop the floor and the case was close.


"Trying to make my office story to a detective story. haha!" 

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