Friday, June 29, 2012

Hot Day Beauty Tips

in the office.....

"Why is the water so small?" 
"The water dry up?" 
I was talking with my colleague in the office this morning in the kitchen while filling up our drinking water.  

Its was a hot whether in Kuching these few days!

"Who turn off the switch?" one of my colleague shouted while we are taking lunch, 

...........everyone silent...........

So meaning to say that all this while we are drinking unfiltered water.... Hopefully we are not getting "water poisoning".

Beauty tips on "burning" whether:

1.  Drink a lot water


Its resolves dryness and stickiness. For resilient skin with less visible pores. Full of the moisture and ingredients that skin needs.  Results in smooth skin that glows from within.

3.  Body Lotion

Treat your body to the superb moisturising effects of G&H Lotion.Why Honey?
  • It is a natural humectant.
  • Natural anti-bacterial properties.
  • Contains Vitamin B6, C, Thiamin, Riboflavin and Niacin
  • Contains antioxidants and amino acids.

4.  Light Make up
1. Use moisturiser sparingly under your make-up and avoid applying it altogether to your nose and forehead if you have an oily or combination skin. 
2. It's a myth that heavy powdering absorbs sweaty make-up. The initial benefit of powdering disappears very quickly in hot weather. Stick to a light dusting over the central panel of your face. This will absorb shine but leave you with a natural, fresh look. 
3. Avoid heavy make-up, particularly matte foundation, as it will run and leave you with a smudged look. 
4. Light shade lip gloss looks fresher than heavy matt lipstick in dark colours.

5.  Hair care
A leave-in spray that protects coloured hair from UV rays as well as environmental and heat styling damages. It smoothens frizz and reduces breakage and split ends for hair that is shinier and healthier looking. An effective hair protector, even if you never colour your hair. 

  • Use Conditioner
  • Use Cool Water when Washing Your Hair
    • This may sound a little strange but cool water will seal off your hair strands leaving them smooth and frizz-less.

Be pretty no matter how is the whether is a big lesson~


Henry Tan said...

lol can that be applied on guys too? =p

PRINCESS said...

can...just ignore the make up

HenRy LeE said...

i drank too much water ady but still feeling very hot :(

PRINCESS said...

of cz is still hot..but is good for ur body...:)

Anonymous said...

It's Veina. May I know what is the brand of the Heat Protector that you just mentioned? :)

-- Veina J.S.I

PRINCESS said...

veina, i personal msg you ya... :)