Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Office: Daughter Or Not?

In the busy afternoon in the office, we had a customer booking for a tour to Bangkok with us and make us laugh rolling on the ground. They buy issuance and we are asking them whether to put beneficiary name.

Here our conversation:

A - US      B - CUSTOMER

A: Do you need to specify a beneficiary in case of anything happen? 
B: If dint put how to claim? 
A: The insurance company will give to your direct family. 
B: Direct family means relative? I don't want to give to relative oohhh!! 
A: No no, direct family means your parents or your wife/husband or daughter/son. 
B: Ohh ok... I only got a daughter but she is married is she still my daughter?

Few seconds of silent in the office and we laugh!

A: Is she your real daughter? 
B: Of course! 
A: So she is still your daughter lohh.... Why do you think she is not? 
B: Course she is married and daughter is a bucket of water splashed out bahh....

We all laugh AGAIN!! I wander...... where he get this theory? We just cant get it. Seems like he is talking alien's theory, maybe?

So, what do you guys think about his theory?

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