Wednesday, June 26, 2013

FASHION: Polka Dots

Fashion Post

I bet there are numbers of girls outside love the cute polka dots right? Here I am sharing one of my polka dots shirt which I bought in Bangkok. But sadly I dont have enough time to do a real crazy shopping while working at the same time and getting low batt after a long 6 days of work.

If I am saying RED + POLKA DOTS, how is that look like?

A real close look of it. Red background with white dots! KAWAI colors combination! Don't they? :)

(1) Close-up look
 Taken at Bangkok Hotel before off to airport and home!

(2) Vintage color edition
So sorry for the blurriness of the photo quality. A simple combination with a light color shirt pants with a sandal. Lastly, a half ponytail.

I have many other things to blog so please come back soon!!

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