Saturday, June 8, 2013

Bangkok Part 1

Travelling Post

Day 1: 30/05/2013
Our flight was 0715am where as I meet them at the airport by 0530am for our trip briefing.  I was quite excited yet worried, I pray for this group of people was kind and will give me FULL cooperation.  I can feel that it was not easy!  Our flight was full of in-flight entertainment yet I do not have time for that as I need to help everyone of them to fill up the immigration card.  Our schedule was quite free on the first day.  We reached 1430pm Bangkok time (1hr late from Malaysia).  Then we were sent to hotel for check in and out for dinner after a short rest.

My room
The hotel room was quite nice and clean but the bad was there is no FREE wifi and had to buy for 250THB for only 1hour!  It was 25 ringgit malaysia!  Which was NOT worth!  I prefer using sms to my boyfie just to tell him I am fine.

My look on the 1st Day

Day 2: 31/05/2013

2nd Day Outfit
We wake up very early the next day as yesterday we are sent back to hotel early.  We check out the hotel at Bangkok by 0630am after our buffet breakfast.  Then we went to the Railway Market where as people selling all sort of fruit and vege on the train railway!  The train will be there 0900am every morning.

Before the train

here it comes
 Then later we went to Floating Market

looks like cucur on the boat!
Then after dinner we were sent back to hotel for a good sleep.

to be continue.....................

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