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12 JUNE 2013
Two days before my birthday, my boyfie was so busy. He told me he had a lot of work to do meeting customers and working. So wasn't free to bring me out for lunch as usual. Just a few sms the whole day. I wandering what he was doing. Yet I had no answer. But he pick me for dinner at night and send me home early as he said he was very tired.

13 JUNE 2013
Then the next day, we went to Palm beach for some space for just two of us! It was a hot sunny day. After a nap, it was 430pm. The sun wasn't as hot as 2pm. So we get up and get ready for a good swim.  The pool water was still cold even the sun was so hot! We are shaking in the pool. The pool was like Marina Sand Bay concept. Beautiful designed! After a good swim in the pool we went to the beach! The beach was great but unfortunately there is so many sand-fly! I get the kiss mark all over my body and he got it too! However, we still enjoy our 1st "beach-moon" together! Then we get back to our room to put on clothes and he ask me to wear on his jacket to prevent more sand-fly. Well, thanks dear! We took our camera and out for a long walk at the beach!

Here comes all of our "beach-moon" photos!


After our buffet dinner, we walk around the resort before heading back to our chalet for a good rest as we decided to wake up early in the morning to catch the sunrise. He tell me that he had asked his friend to make my birthday cake but dont know when will it be ready. Then he kiss me goodnight and a happy birthday.

14 JUNE 2013
The next morning, my boyfie wake me up with a big hug and a big kiss. 
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR! Let's get up for sunrise" he said. 
I wore his jacket and off from bed!

 The beautiful swimming pool!

the restaurant and front office
path to our chalet

After breakfast, we decide to go to the fish market to buy some sea-crab home. So we check out early by 1030am and off we go! We had a lot of kiss mark from the sand-flies but we do enjoy our "beach-moon", it's worth! 

Then we send our car for a car wash and have a short rest at his house. When I open his fridge to have some water, I saw a birthday cake inside. I wander who's birthday is falling on the same day as mine in his house. He give me a smile and say: 
"It's for you, dear!"
"When is your friend send the cake here since we are out?"
"I bake the cake myself just for you dear on the 12th!"
"You lied to me that you are busy meeting customer and working just to give me this surprise?"
"Yes, dear! I dint meet any people but I am really busy looking for all the ingredients and finish this cake just for you. But I fail to search for strawberry."
I am so touching and don't know what to say
"Thank you dear!" with a hug and a kiss
He then return me a kiss. I am so surprise and excited to eat the cake. I am super duper touching! After the surprise, we get ready for dinner with my family.

Make way for food photos....

avocado salad
Lamb chop
Mix grilled
ermm.... forget this name... teeheehee
After dinner, we chit chatting together and go home for the cake cutting "ceremony"! hehe

kiwi + longan yogurt mousse from him!

My small family

My man and I

with LOVE!
I wanted to thanks my man for giving me such a simple yet wonderful birthday which he had already planned in the early APRIL! Thanks for the beach-moon and the yummiest cake I ever ate! 

Lastly, make a wish!
God, may all my wish come true! Thank you! Amen



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