Monday, June 10, 2013

FOOD: Fish & Fries

Food Post

Yesterday, my boyfie cook lunch for me and my bro while my parents was out for travelling.  He decided to cook fish and fries instead of chips.  For me, anything can do as long as he has the heart to cook for me! touching*   We go shopping for the ingredient after breakfast.

healthy breakfast
After a healthy breakfast, we take a lil deep fried lunch! hahaha!  Balance diet?

Its 1230pm, we start to prepare for some cooking:
Flour, oil, frying pan, eggs, fish, fies, vege (i used balcoli), lemon, mayonise

Easy step below on how my boyfie do it!

Step 1: Fried the fish with flour and eggs

Step 2: Fried the fries

Step 3: Cook any vege on your choice


a closer look
The yummy fish and fries are ready to be serve!

However, I want to say thank you to him for this delicious lunch!


Henry Tan said...

wow so good got boyfie cook for u! sumore it looks yummy! haha

Alvina said... really taste good! :)

Alvina said...
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