Friday, November 1, 2013

Wedding Preparation

I knew I had lose for a few month especially in the October. So sorry for that but here I had a good news for ALL. I am now....... :


My Fiancé and I decided to go for 旅行结婚 but after discussion with parents planned had changed to church wedding. At the beginning of our plan, my fiance decide to bring me to see fireworks on the 1JAN, 1200am at Taipei 101 in Taiwan. But we had to postpone till after wedding.

We went for pre-wedding course at church unfortunately course in Kuching had finished and need to wait until mid of next year so we go to course at Bau using multiple language (BM + BI + BIDAYU). We are the only chinese couple around the crowd. The course start by 830am till 5pm for two days. My butt is really damn flat! OMG!!

Wanted to blog about my china tour last month but I do not had any free-time to do so. Hoping that I can blog about it soon! However, I will be updating for my wedding preparation too. Hope to have picture next post too....

my dream come true........ Thanks God! 

This picture of me in the wedding dress is NOT my pre-wedding photo, it's my modelling photo at a bridal roadshow. Thanks God for this wonderful gift, my fiance, to me! May God bless my family!

Thanks to my fiance who love me and who cares for me!



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