Thursday, November 28, 2013

Free Birds Review

My man and I went to GSC to watch movie last night after dinner at home. We decided to watch free birds because it is only 92mins and our 2nd option is Thor but it is around 112mins. He scares me do not have enough sleep to work today. Ok well, glad that he always do think of me about everything. :)

"FREE BIRDS" is not a perfect story but not a bad story line too. It keep all of us all laugh throughout the movie! Indeed a very funny movie! The main character named: Reggie, the smartest turkey on the farm. He realized that the "turkey paradise" that his friends are saying is actually their own vicious slaughter before ending up as the main course in a delicious Thanksgiving meal. Then, Reggie is desperate to show his clan that they'are been fattened up to be eaten. Unfortunately, no one wants to listen and he shouted turkey is stupid.

The President of the United States to choose Reggie to receive the annual pardon. However, Reggie's easy life is disrupted by Jake, a fanatic turkey who drags him along to a secret mission with the insane idea of going back in time to keep turkeys off the menu in the Thanksgiving menu. 

They travel by a time machine named: Steve, back to the 1st Thanksgiving in the year 1621. Reggie and Jake soon find themselves in the middle of a turkey clan's struggle for survival. Lastly, Reggie save all the turkeys by delivering pizza from the future to the past and human eat pizza instead of turkey for Thanksgiving till the future.

Well......... for me, this movie is a total comedy which make me laugh. But be honest, my man was not attracted with the story line, he say the story line is not logic enough and found that this story is half way hanging which the ending is not impressive enough. He declare that this movie should not end with turkey deliver pizza to the human and stop eating turkey for the Thanksgiving but should give corn instead. So the young kids who watch this movie will not be confused with the food chain knowledge.

After the movie we went to the autopay machine to pay for the carpark coupon fee, the machine did not want our RM5 and a young boy behind give us RM1 to pay for us. That's what happens when my man did not want to listen to me about the fact of the machine do not want to accept notes except RM1. A lesson learnt to listen to your wife! :)  hehehe

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