Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Keypad Matters

Haiii....... Its Sunday again and here's me without make-up on my bed!!! I wanted to blog about a funny things yesterday which really happen on me and my cousin in our watsapp. Here am I now to share... I am really excited to blog about this!!!

Sista and I
Me and my sista (cousin actually but for us we are sista!). We are chatting on WhatsApp almost about anything and everything. Here's a part of our conversation yesterday afternoon!!

Spotted anything??? Anyone?? 


any??? one?????????????

Damn!! I just cant stand on anymore!! My Samsung keypad just send out a BIG jokes!!!

Driving my cat!! WILSON IS DRIVING MY CAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!! 


How could that be??? Here's what is in my mine when my brother (wilson) is driving my cat!!! Gosshhhhh~~~~~

I dont know weather is my fingers TOO BIG to use the small keypad on my S3 or is the keypad goes life??!!!!!!!! This is NOT the first time with this type of typing error!!!! But this is the funniest ever!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is my promise to my cousin to blog about this funniest keypad I ever had!! LOL

I belief my S3 goes life with heart beat and brain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!

..............continue laughing......................

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