Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Baby Boy

On the 21 June2009, 8.30am...
My bf bring me n Adelyn to the breeder to bring Jordon home....
I am so excited to see him...
and we saw cute little Jordon in the cage...
so adorable...
I hug him over...then Shun take him from me to hug too....
two round eyes n a long tough...
damn cute...^^

(15) Happy Family

(14) Tina sleeping

(13) O.o

(12) Sleeping Cutie

(11) Jordon 1 2 rest

(10) Sleepy face

(9) 6 weeks old Jordon

(8) Jor n Tina

(7) Jordon laughing

(6) Family with new baby

(5) New Ling Long n shirt

(4) Jor in his new bed

(3) Shun n Baby Jor

(2) Me n Baby Jordon

(1) 1st hug

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