Saturday, May 22, 2010

Vogue Cafe

Thinking of where to eat?
Where to have gathering with friends?
VOGUE CAFE is the right choice to decide from~

Vogue Cafe
welcomes guests with its contemporary décor abounding a pleasant and relaxed ambience.

Vogue Cafe
is a stylish restaurant providing comfortable dining in smart surroundings which provides a cool atmosphere & soft lighting.
You may enjoy the unobtrusive background music chosen to compliment the delicious food.

Remember that all dishes are freshly prepared, so please be patient. Quality Rules! But Vogue will not make you guys wait too long~

My BF, me and our friend like to hang out there for "limteh" at night~
It is a wonderful place I can say that loud~
Nice interior design with good and quality food!

Here is the challenge!!

You guys
DARE to challenge?
Come on~~I am sure you guys will like burger!
this is not just a burger~
It is call
KING/QUEEN burger because of their size is double and triple of an ordinary burger!!

Get ----- if you win the challenge!
Go to Vogue Cafe to check out what is the winning prize yourself~~ ^.^

Here is the video of Vogue cafe and the challengers of KING/QUEEN BURGER!!

Vogue Cafe
4th Miles at Kuching, Sarawak.

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