Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bride Escape ONE

Kuching Festival is here again.  What on your mind?

 Well, this year I am helping a friend to promote his Wedding Videography package (Kaki Filem Studio).  It merge with Ivory Romance Bridal Collection Sdn. Bhd. 环球影城国际婚纱集团 for SPECIAL PROMOTION PRICE only available till 21 August 2011.

Ivory decided to ask me wear their wedding grown and night grown for this time.  Then here goes the photographer bring me walk around Kuching Fest for SHOOTING!

Here are some of the photo till now.  Enjoy~
Our Group Photo
Roland (Ivory's photographer) + ME

Davy Choo (Kaki Filem Studio's Founder + Videographer) + ME

The interest part is always behind ^^

7/8/2011: Pinkie Night
Shoot by: Davy

Shoot by: Davy

8/8/2011: Blue Blue Night
Shoot by: Davy

Shoot by: Davy

9/8/2011: "Snow-ie" Night
Shoot by: Sam

Shoot by: Davy

10/8/2011: Princess Night
Shoot by: Jacky Chua

Shoot by: Mok Mok

Shoot by: Patrick Chuang

Shoot by: Willy

Then, what is tonight? Let's see...........


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