Sunday, July 24, 2011


23/7/2011 - Sunrise Shooting at Taman Lalu Lintas Kuching

I woke up early in the morning by 5am!  But actually I dint sleep for the whole night.  I went out for limteh with friend till 3am++ and I get a bath and is already around 4am! I rest for 1 hour on bed but dint fall asleep and get up to prepare for sunrise shoot by 5.30am with NgeeJee, Davy and Chris.

Those are the photos I shoot using my Sony Ericsson Vivaz (8.1 megapixel).


Beautiful Sunrise of Kuching

Shoot by SE Vivaz

Just like Chris want to kidnap Davy

and this time Davy take reverage to kidnap the dog

♥ the red bridge

Snap By me too 

same by SE Vivaz

Davy, what are you up to?

Well.....can you imagine that I dint sleep for the whole night yet I can stand so energized to shoot till 2pm in the afternoon with Davy.  Unfortunately, NgeeJee leave early in the morning to pick his wife for breakfast.

Shoot By NgeeJee
Shoot by Davy Choo

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