Friday, February 3, 2012


Yayy....Finally I am quite free today!  Guess what am I blogging today?

Friendly Tips: Everyone loves it!
Answer: FOOD!
Did you get it right?  Sorry, no present for the correct answer!  Hahaha

Valentine's Day is just at the corner, everyone are scretching his/her head of getting a restaurant for your girlfriend or boyfriend?  I have an idea but i bet most of you had figure out too!

My friend pick me up for lunch today at:

Fullhouse is a newly open (Nov 2011)  resraurant in Kuching in The Hills Shopping Mall!  Today is my second time dinning here!

ATTN: This is NOT the korean drama

I am so wanted to go to Fullhouse at Sunway Piramid for years already!  But now we had it in Kuching!  GREAT!

Visit Fullhouse website HERE.  It is fully animated with excellent drawing of comic!  Tony is just at the door step, he will bring you in the vitual Fullhouse!

Let's see what I've got there.

Fullhouse MENU

Translation : [ENG] Tasty food is under preparation.

Translation : [ENG] Fishes are rich in protein.

Fullhouse comic for customer to enjoy while waiting! Sweet!

Set lunch I ordered in comic!

The real life spaghetti!

It comes with Mushroom Soup!

and Ice Lemon Tea

My friend ordered this but I dont know what this called.  Well it is made of manggo and  is ice blended.

Overall rating from Strawberry Princess:
Four out of Five (4/5)

There is still a space for improvement however the food is nice, excellent environment, waiters and waitress are polite, very clean, and comfortable chairs and table!  Of course the beautiful design!

However, the food is serve SLOW.

It is a very big portion!  How I wish someone push me in a shopping trolley after the lunch!  hahahaha

Print screen with iPhone4: Where is my water Game

I hope everyone enjoy the MOST romantic mouth of a year!  Appreciate and cherrish your loved one who is always with you no matter in poor or rich, sickness or healthy, bad or good!


Nath said...

Very cute place list to visit in the future, glad you had a great time ^_^

Hilda Milda™ said...

I've been only once to Fullhouse that's at Sunway Pyramid, I guess only the set lunch is worth it. Other than that the food is kinda overpriced and the food is just so so (: but the decorations and menu there are really cute.


Nath: u should visit at least once.

hilda: agree to u...thats y i only order the set lunch. Will be bankrupt if eat every lunch time.

Jessy said...

Fullhouse nice place to chill...but dun really like the food there.


Jessy: I think the food is jx average. But it is nice when u r hungry..LOL

FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

do they have the cute car display outside the branch at kuching? :) i love their deco alot!

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said... in kuching also got the mini cooper display....the deco is nice but the food is expensive.