Saturday, May 19, 2012

What people thinks?

Most of the people will think that working in a travel agency is the best job ever for getting more info about travel then other people out there.  This was what I think before I enter the travel field, but I was wrong!  It was a trap!

What my friends / social thinks I do?

go travelling often and get lots of discount on hotels and flights.

" ............. I  pray for that!"

What my parents thinks I do?

talking and giggling with customer.


What my boss thinks I do?

talking on the phone 90%, work 10%.

"I hope I am so wont be so stress out."

What my boyfriend thinks I do?

spot for the cheap fare or ZERO fare!

"Errmmm..... Well....Once in a year is reasonable."

What I think I do?

enjoy being a tour guide?  Travelling around the world?

"It's only in my dream I guess..... " :(

What I really do?

in the WORLD WAR!  Flight for seat for customers!  Look close for the dateline!  Get special offer for customers!  Smile to them even they are mean!  Deal with all kind of people!  See the ugly truth of the social!

This is only part of my work!


εvεlчи.♥ said...

ahahaha. this is just too funny sis !

PRINCESS said...

but its true story :)