Friday, March 15, 2013

Office: Joke

A joke from a customer in a busy afternoon in the office...

Today, a customer call to book a ticket with me.  Here is our conversation:

He: Hi, I want to book a ticket.
Me: Where are you going sir?
He: Tomorrow Kuching to Sibu 0710 one way only.
Me: Ok, your name sir?
He: Melvin Aedy

Then in my mine Aedy (the correct spelling) should spell like this: Eddie.  Then he continue:


Me: ...............................

I am in a total silence!  GOSH! What is he talking about?  I laugh!  He laugh back too and repeat the same thing over and over again and I still remain silence!  Did he just talk alien language?

Me: Can you just spell in ABC?  I dont really understand.
He: A - E - D - Y,  Aedy!

This time I understand!  phew*

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