Thursday, June 5, 2008

Communication Tips for Long Distance Relationship

If you have been in your long distance relationship for a while, you probably know that it sometimes can be hard to come up with things to talk about on the phone. This is not because the two of you are not compatible, it’s because couples in long distance relationships are on the phone so much they usually exhaust topics really fast. How many times can you ask how the other person’s day was, right? Below is a list of interesting conversation topics that will hopefully keep your phone calls fresh. Scan the newspaper or your favorite online news source for the latest currents events. Pick a topic that you think will interest your mate and discuss it with him or her.

1. Ask Questions
This may seem obvious, but most people just don't ask enough questions. I'm not talking about “How was your day?” or “What is the weather like,” but rather questions that will help you get to know your mate better. Typically these questions are not one-word answers and will lead to further conversation. Some examples are below:
If you were going to be stuck on a deserted island and you could only bring three things with you, what would it be and why?
What's the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you?

2. Talk About Your Mate
People love to talk about themselves and their hobbies. Find out what your mate is passionate about and then learn as much as you can about the subject. Once you have learned as much as you can, you can discuss it with your mate the next time you are on the phone together. Your mate will be impressed with you taking the time to learn about his or her passion.

3. Talk about Friends and Family
Talking about friends and family is an important step to making a long distance relationship successful. If the two of you decide to get married one day, you will need to interact with your mate’s friends and family, so it’s a good idea to get to know what they are like.
In closing, I’d like to mention that the most important part of the conversation is not what you say, but rather how well you listen. Listen to what your mate is saying to you and you'll always have something to talk about.

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